How To Tell When Your Boobs Have Really Stopped Growing

'Hello' to the beginning of your new body bits. Welcome! 👋
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Boobies. Breasts. Lady Lumps. Bosoms. They go by many names, but regardless of that, there’s one thing that’s as sure as the air your breathe – you’ll get them. 

Of course, when and what kind is down to a lot of factors like genetics that you can’t see, control or do anything about, but just coz you might be different to the person next to you, doesn’t mean you’re any different, really. 

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Sure, the whole puberty thing can be a bit rough when you’re a teen, but rest assured you will emerge a beautiful butterfly, and you’ll feel all kinds of empowered. There’s one question though that’s always on people’s minds, and that’s about when they’ll come and how big they’ll get! 

Look, for most people, between the age of eight and 13 you’ll begin to notice some situations going on underneath your areola, whereby the darker skin becomes bigger and you might notice what’s known as a ‘breast bud’ forming underneath the nipple. 

By this stage, feel free to wave a warm ‘hello’ to the beginning of your new body bits. Welcome! 👋

As for how big they’re gonna get… WELL… 

Puberty is rough, but you’ll emerge on the other side feeling empowered. (Credit: Instagram | @handsomegirldesigns)
If you wanted an indication, take a peep at your mother. What she’s got, you’ll probably have, too. And your grandmother. And your great grandmother. All of these women are indicative of the type (shape) and size your boobs are gonna get to, all going well. 

But it’s good to remember that through your long life, things are going to change. Your breasts will grow, change shape and size depending on a lot of things like hormone levels, weight gain and loss, and so on. But typically, they’ll be the way they were meant to be by the age of between 18 to 20. So they will have ‘finished growing’ as far as your body’s concerned. 

A lot of it is dictated by the amount of fibrous tissue in your breasts, too and how dense they are. This is talking about the amount of muscle and glands in the breast itself as opposed to more fatty breasts, which aren’t as dense. Again, have a look at your mother and ask her what her doctor has said in the past. This will help give you a handy idea.  

In any case, the world of having breasts is an interesting one, a fun one (look at all the pretty bras you get to buy!) and an annoying one sometimes (hands up whose get in the way?! 😅) but enjoy it. It’s like a special club! 

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