Period! Pads and tampons are set to be free in NSW public schools

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In what is finally some good news, NSW public schools are going to offer free sanitary products in public schools by the end of June. Period!

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NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell really said… let’s kick it up a notch this Women’s History Month… it’s time for free pads and tampons for public school students.

Actually, she really said: “I want our young women to feel comfortable in knowing they have access to free sanitary products when they need.”

We love to see it.

Periods are normal. And that’s on period! (Credit: Instagram | @endogram)
The announcement of the $30 million state government initiative comes ahead of International Women’s Day tomorrow. 

The program is set to apply every state school with free tampons and pads in dispensers. 

It has been implemented following a trial involving 31 schools in South Western Sydney and the Dubbo region. 

“We have seen through the pilot program that providing sanitary items has a positive impact on educational engagement and attainment, ” Sarah said.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Women, Bronnie Taylor, said that many young people have been advocating for the inclusion of sanitary products in schools, adding that the initiative is a step towards normalising the discussion of menstruation. 

“By openly discussing periods, endometriosis and reproductive health we are removing the taboo around women’s health issues,” Bronnie said.

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