The 6 Things Boys Just Don’t Understand About Girls… From An Actual Boy!

Boys are as much a mystery to us as we are to them!

Boys are super strange creatures, right? They dress oddly, think the weirdest things are funny, don’t often understand us girls and love sport and running around outside more than any regular human has in history. HUH! But girls confuse them, too. We asked the boys in our office what they don’t get about us and THESE are the things that make them all like… WTH?!

1) Girls are so comfortable with each other. They go to the bathroom together!

2) Girls share every story they have with their friends. Boy’s normally don’t. 

3) When girls will say hey to your face one minute, then when they’re with their friends, they ignore you! 

4) Why they wear lipgloss SO much!

5) Why girls wait forever to text back. Boys don’t coz they don’t overanalyse how soon you respond. 

6) If you’re dating a girl and they’re not sure why you chose them. Obvs he chose you for a reason: he thinks you’re smokin’!

7) All the selfies with the besties are a mystery. Like, why so many?

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