Go with the flow! Where to find the best sustainable period products

So you can fight the environment and your period in one go!
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Periods are so confusing, and right when you think you have it all worked out, *BAM*! You have once again ruined your school skirt and have to ask your BFF to secretly pass over her thickest pad.

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For the longest time, the only period products on offer were tampons and pads. And while they serve their purpose, these products are incredibly wasteful and contribute to masses of landfill. 

According to Sustainable Menstruation Australia, on average, a woman uses “around 12 000 pads and tampons in a life.”

“This contributes approximately 120 kg to landfill. In Australia, women contribute approximately 120 kg to landfill. In Australia, women contribute approximately 18 thousand metric tonnes of sanitary waste to landfill every year.”

This is a significant impact on the environment, and the facts can feel very overwhelming, especially because there is no way to limit the amount of products you will need for your flow. 

So, sometimes that means any attempt to reduce waste feels impossible. 

But fear not! Because thankfully there are some really innovative eco-friendly products on the market which will see you through your cycle and help reduce your waste.

To make the search easier, we’ve rounded up the best sustainable period product brands – from menstrual cups to period underwear…

Period underwear, menstrual cups and reusable pads means less landfill. (Credit: Getty)


This menstruation cup company was the Best Design Awards Winner in 2020, and their top of the range products have evolved to included diverse sizes.

The brand offers sizes extra small, small-medium, and large or lovely, which are based on how high or low your cervix sits (they have a size quiz on their website to help you find your cervix).

This means you will experience optimum comfort! For teens, Hello. recommends using their smallest cup. However, you should do your research to find your best fit.

An added bonus? The range is so pretty with pastel pinks, blues, vibrant reds and black options, and it is packaged in the signature Hello. box.

Importantly the cups are made out of medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer, and it is free from BPAs, heavy metals, rubber and latex. The colours are certified food grade and have been approved by the European Union, and it fulfils FDA standards.

The cup is sustainable because it is reusable, and according to the website, it should give you at least five years of use.

(Credit: Hello.)

Limited Edition Hello Clams Cup, $47.00 by Hello.

The Brand Hannah

If using a menstrual cup isn’t your thing, this brand also sells reusable pads for any level of flow.

The pads are certified organic cotton which means there are no nasty chemicals treatments, guaranteeing a leak-free experience. Other materials include TPU waterproof coating, snap buttons to hold it in place, and they are unbleached and not dyed.

On their website, they claim that “2.5 billion single-use bands and tampons have avoided landfill” since the brand began in 2015.

Their patterns include charming florals and adorable graphics that could even make the balancing act of changing a little more enjoyable. 

(Credit: Hannah)

Medium Pad, $22.95 by The Brand Hannah


One of the coolest inventions has got to be period underwear. The concept of not having to stuff a pad, tampon or cup anywhere near your vagina sounds too idealistic to be true.

However the period underwear utopia does exists thanks to OG period underwear brand of choice Modibodi.

The underwear’s top layer is made out of Merino wool, which removes moisture, erases odour and is naturally anti-bacterial. The middle layer is where all the absorbing happens, and it locks up the fluid. The bottom layer is the security measure that offers maximum protection against leaks.

According to the website, their “patented Modifier Technology can hold up to 20ml (up to four tampons worth).”

(Credit: Modibodi)

Classic Bikini Heavy-Overnight, from $29.50 by Modibodi


This brand not only sells disposable, sustainable bamboo pads and organic cotton tampons they also donate 50 per cent of their profits to charities that work to empower women and provide menstrual education and support.

Tsuno pads are made out of bamboo and corn fibre wrapped in biodegradable sleeves packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes. 

Excitingly, the certified organic cotton tampons are a great alternative to cups and reusable pads. Tsuno’s tampons have been approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and they are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration.  

And as promised, the designs look gorgeous, and it is honestly hard to tell what they are for at first glance for ultimate incognito mode. 

(Credit: Tsuno)

Mini Tampons, $6.50 by TSUNO

Bamboo Babe 

Bamboo Babe is an Australian owned and designed company that uses 100 per cent organic bamboo fibre that is created via dual organic bamboo core technology, which is naturally grown and sourced from FSC approved plantations.

The naturally hypoallergenic material made with a corn-based top sheet means you will stay comfy, and the natural anti-bacterial properties will control odour.

They also guarantee that the pads are compostable and biodegradable.

(Credit: Bamboo Babe)

Organic Bamboo Super Pads, $5.50 by Bamboo babe.

JuJu Period

In 2011 JuJu produced the first menstrual cup that was Australian made and since then, they have expanded their products to include reusable cloth pads and underwear.

On their website, they share their vision to “educate and empower individuals to live a more sustainable life and to eradicate period poverty and the stigma associated with menstruation.”

Their page also includes important information like explainers about bacterial vaginosis, ovarian cancer, breast cancer awareness and tips to help make inserting a cup easier.

Also, considering their products are made to last for years, the relatively low prices makes the switch to JuJu all the more reasonable.

(Credit: JuJu)

JuJu Cup + Undie Combo – Pink Cup / Midi Brief, $68.95 – $72.95 by JuJu.

Girls, remember what works for one person isn’t going to be universal so don’t feel frustrated if you find a cup uncomfortable or using reusable pads makes you paranoid. 

Explore your options and take all the time you need to get comfortable! 

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