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Insta star Study With Jess shares her top study tips!
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Girlfriend has handed over the reins to author of The High School Survival Guide book and star of the hugely popular Instagram account, Study With Jess, to reveal all the tips you need to know to keep a cool head during exams.

WATCH BELOW: A girl on YouTube livestreams herself studying for 10 hours.

Over to you, Jess: 

Studying for exams can be stressful and I am certainly no stranger to placing excessive amounts of pressure on myself throughout my studies!

This got me wondering, “why do so many of us do this to ourselves, especially as we reach our high school exams?” We see our final exams as the gateway to our futures.

The “be all and end all” for our careers and adult lives.

We feel the pressure to succeed and have our futures all figured out from a young age.

Your exams are important and you absolutely should do your best, but you don’t need to have it all figured out from day one.

I’ve realised that no matter how much we plan for the future, life has a way of constantly surprising us and bringing exciting new opportunities; if we are open to them, that is!

Jessica Holsman has penned the The High School Survival Guide book and knows a thing or two about study tips. (Credit: Instagram)

I always envisioned myself pursuing a career in psychology, although deep down I knew this wasn’t the right fit for me.

My passion lay with being an entrepreneur.

Looking back however, I am grateful for the numerous skills I acquired during my studies, as they all play a significant role in my current work.

Since completing my psychology degree, I started an educational YouTube channel called Study With Jess, which now has over 350,000 subscribers and 15 million views!

Condense your class notes to ease studying stress.

I felt a burning desire to be a positive role model and motivate and inspire students to find a love for learning. I taught myself how to film and edit and remember searching in YouTube “how to upload my first video!”

I guess that’s lesson number one when it comes to being an influencer and entrepreneur: have a can-do mentality and be willing to learn as you go.

In addition to YouTube, I took to Instagram to help share my message and spread some study inspo globally!

With young adults aged 18-34 being the most active on Instagram and teens consuming Instagram Stories more than any other age bracket, I knew I needed to make the most of this platform.

Australians check their Instagram feed 11 times a day and users under the age of 25 spend over 32 minutes a day on Instagram, using the platform for inspiration, connect with others and even for some much needed lol.

Don’t forget brainfood when studying.

Soon after, I launched my own line of educational stationery, Educationery.

I launched the business via YouTube and Instagram and love how social media has given me the opportunity to be a business owner in my twenties.

No shop front costs, not advertising costs and a global reach; social media was the perfect way to launch!

Using Instagram, I’ve collaborated with other brands and influencers and grown my business further. Whether it’s been running joint giveaways or filming videos on each other’s channels, I love connecting with others to combine our powers!

Jess and her organised desk. (Credit: Instagram)

I don’t expect for my story of “stress-head student turned entrepreneur and influencer” to completely alleviate all of your pre-exam nerves but I hope it puts things into perspective and gives you some reassurance for your future!

Of course, I can’t just leave without giving you some pre-exam tips, so here are my top 5 to help you prepare for finals and ease those anxieties:

  1. Create weekly summaries by condensing your class notes and readings to help you review the most important information.
  2. Write down any questions you have as you revise and set aside time to review them with your teachers.
  3. Study in blocks of 25-30 minutes before taking a short 10-minute break to help sustain your concentration and energy levels.
  4. Incorporate different study techniques. Consider creating a mind map, discussing the material out loud, making flashcards, drawing an illustration, or acting it out.
  5. Remember, exams are an opportunity to showcase your knowledge. Do your best and know that perseverance, confidence and determination are the keys to mastering any skill in life.

Check out Jess’ site Study With Jess.

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