Pack it up Co-Star, Snapchat is your new astrology dating guru

Snapchat now has an astrology feature so you can find out how compatible you are with your crush

After releasing a new astrology dating compatibility feature, Snapchat is officially your new astrology dating guru.

According to Snapchat, the mobile app wants to become your next Co-Star with two new astrology-themed features: astrological profiles and astrological compatibility. 

How Snapchat’s astrology feature works

Astrological profiles take your birth date, time and location to give you a personalised birth chart.

You and your Snapchat friends can view each others’ star signs, as well as view your Astrological Compatibility. The latter is a “detailed compatibility reading,” showing the intersection between you and your pals’ birth charts together. And yes, that also means you can do the same for the cutie you’ve been chatting to till 2am every day. As Oprah Winfrey would say, “well hello? Let’s celebrate that!

When it comes to comparing the compatibility of your star sign with someone you like-like, Snapchat says it had over 10 different planetary dimensions, presented in Stories format and that can be easily downloaded to your camera roll or shared via Snapchat. 

How to set up your Astrology Profile

  1. Head to your personal Snap Profile by tapping on your Bitmoji Image at the top right corner of the main camera screen.
  2. Next to your name and Snap Score, look for a purple icon with your sun sign on it.
  3. Tap the purple icon, and this will prompt you to enter your birth information, including your birth rate, time and location.
  4. Once that’s been entered, you will then have access to your personal Astrological Profile.

FY, you can also view your friends’ Astrological Profiles if you have added each other.

How to access your Astrological Compatibility

To view your Astrological Compatibility with a friend or ~friend,~ you and that friend have to have both set up an Astrological Profile. 

What if I find out if me and my friend or partner aren’t astrologically compatible?

If you and your best friend, significant other or sibling set up your own Astrological Profiles and do the ~Astrological Compatibility~ test and find out you, uh, aren’t very compatible, fear not! As leading astrologer Natash Weber said, “every zodiac sign has a positive and a negative side to it.”

“So, understanding a friend’s sign can help you see them in their best light, as well as avoid their dark side,” she explained. “Of course, you can still be friends if your Sun signs are not compatible because your Moon signs might get on like a house on fire. It’s all about looking that little bit deeper.”

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