Olivia Culpo’s Exact Diet And Exercise Routine

And the one food she swears by to reduce bloating.
Sports can also lead to an accidental 'break'.

As a former Miss Universe winner, Olivia Culpo’s fitness, diet and exercise routines are just as rigorous as you’d probably expect—but thankfully, aren’t too difficult for mere mortals like us to attempt.

The 28-year-old model jumps through a plethora of diet and fitness hoops to maintain her figure, as well as cutting out consumption of any less-than-nourishing foods. With the help of trainer Marlene Martinez, Culpo’s workouts take no prisoners, and all contribute to attaining that body.

Like most other models, the need to snap into shape for a show (or in Culpo’s case, a pageant) can arise at any moment, meaning she can never drop the ball on her diet or fitness regimen—and she’s even discovered certain foods that help her slim down literally hours before she has to hit the runway.

Scroll down for Culpo’s Miss Universe-ready diet and exercise routine.

What Is Olivia Cuplo’s Diet?

Considering her enviable physique, it’s no surprise that Culpo abides by a protein-heavy, organic diet—free from any processed, sugary foods that could compromise her skin, body or general wellbeing.

Speaking to Well + Good in 2017, Culpo said that she always tries to eat a big breakfast to kick off the day, and when at home, she loves to make: “quinoa with egg whites, sautéed kale, sweet potato, and a little avocado on the side.”

Like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian West, Culpo’s diet balances protein and vitamins with a healthy, non-excessive carbohydrate intake, to promote both muscle growth and healthy energy.

Culpo also told Shape that steamed vegetables are always in her meal rotation, saying: “I think it’s easier to digest [vegetables] when they’re steamed, as opposed to raw.”

This is actually the healthiest way Culpo could consume her daily vegetable fix, as steaming vegetables makes them more digestible while maintaining all of their natural fibres and vitamins—and makes them healthier than any vegetables cooked in oil.

Culpo also told Shape that the anti-inflammatory benefits of pineapple were a key component in helping her slim down before a pageant. She said: “Pineapple reduces swelling. You’re filmed that one very special day of the pageant, and you want to make sure you’re as ready to go as can be.”

Because everyone has their Krypotonite, Culpo also said peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the one food she can never take her mind off during pageant dieting.

What Is Olivia Cuplo’s Exercise Routine?

Following her Miss Universe win in 2012, Culpo has managed to stay in peak physical condition, thanks to a unique, yoga-like routine that works on every area of her body.

Culpo told StyleCaster that her favourite workouts alternate between pilates and kickboxing. Any form of boxing is one of the best ways to shed weight and build core strength—and models like Gigi Hadid also swear by it to attain their runway-ready bodies.

In a 2016 piece for Byrdie, Culpo wrote she incorporates yoga-like body stretches, push-ups and planks into her workouts, which also involve plenty of cardio for core strength and general fitness.

She highlighted the importance of stretching, as well as “push-up planks” (doing a normal push-up but then lifting one side’s arm and leg up in the air), and back bridges (like a plank, but performed on your back).

Assisted by celebrity trainer Marlene Martinez, Culpo told Byrdie that her workouts focus on “building long, lean muscle, [with] a little bit of cardio”.

Of course, Culpo’s key workout advice is to always exercise with someone you like—even if that means having a good relationship with your trainer. Treating your trainer like a friend seems to be an unspoken key to a terrific workout—Gigi Hadid has been said to FaceTime her trainer when she’s on the road to chat about upkeeping her fitness, as well as simply to catch up.

Writing in Byrdie, she said: “There are a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (sometimes) that go into those early morning workouts, so it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right person by your side!”

Header image source: @OliviaCulpo (Instagram)

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