What This Mercury Retrograde In Libra Means For You

Watch out for your relationships.
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Guys, our palms are sweaty, and our mum has thrown spaghetti at us because of a silly misunderstanding.

Why do you ask? Well, Mercury retrograde is back bby, and she’s in Libra, so brace yourself for awkward conversations galore. 

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Luckily, this will be the last time the planet Mercury, which rules over communication, learning, thinking, and travelling (haha, travelling, remember that!), will appear to orbit our earth backwards in 2021.

For those who aren’t quite sure why we’ve taken a rather dramatic attempt at prose, let’s fill you in on the impact of this three-week astrological event – basically, s**t hits the fan.

But unlike our first two retrogrades this year, Cosmopolitan has shared that its placement in Libra means “most people just want to keep peace and harmony during this time.”

While this makes us feel slightly relieved because at least everyone’s intentions will be good, the publication also warns that dramas will result from “people jumping to conclusions, trying too hard to keep the peace.” Ahhhh irony.

The retrograde, which started on September 26 and finishes on October 18, will also focus on your relationships.

From friendships to family to significant others, this time will reveal which of your unions and dynamics are thriving and which need adjusting.

Because Libra is an air sign, warns, “you will be most effective by remaining flexible and agile while penetrating rational dynamics, gaining increased realisation for adjustments that need to be made.”

The site also highlights that this time will be most intense for Libras because it will bring them “rebirth of your purpose.”

It will challenge Capricorns because, as an earth sign, they’re attached to their “routines and resist making major changes.” Also, watch out, Virgo, because you’re also an earth sign, AND you’re ruled by Mercury. 

Lastly, it will benefit Gemini (also ruled by Mercury) the most because it will bring them “new ways to creatively express” themselves.

The astrology app The Pattern has already updated its users with a warning for the next three weeks.

“The regular, logical flow of events will appear to be disrupted, as a result, the world won’t operate in the way you expect. Instead, what seemed objective becomes subjective,” the spilled.

“Schedules, rules, routines, plans, messages, or emails – anything requiring rational functioning or communication- might not work as they usually do.”

It also offered advice for logic lovers to survive the retrograde, as it will require them to let go of their one-track minds.

“If you depend on logic to function, you may feel especially challenged right now.”

“See this moment as an opportunity to move past linear thinking and let your mind go,” it wrote.

So, there we have it! Girlfriend is sending you good vibes and a whole lot of hope that you come out of this astrological shift with a newfound sense of self and minimal collateral damage.

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