If You’re Going To Justin Bieber’s Sydney Show You Might Want To Leave EXTRA Early

Be prepared.
Getty Images
First Adele, now Justin Bieber! An official notice has been put out that getting to and from JB’s Sydney shows are going to be hellish. Okay, they didn’t say it’d be like ‘hell’ but there will be MAJOR delays, so take note!

Bieber’s performance just days after Adele’s at the same venue, ANZ Stadium, is going to be ~very~ hard to get to. Public transport and traffic have been marked with a red-flag as they’re predicted to be slow with 75,000 fans heading to Sydney Olympic Park during peak hour. 
Transport for NSW has advised fans not to drive as pre-booked parking is sold out and street parking will be EXTREMELY limited. Your ticket also includes free public transport… just with some crazy long waits. You can find all the info you need HERE Sydneysiders. 

This seems to be a growing problem in Sydney for concerts and sporting events, so be prepared guys! See you there!

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