Just When Is The Right Time To Slide Into Someone’s DMs?

The late night slide is perhaps the most infamous... but is it ideal?
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Ok so, you’ve met someone you’re into and want to start flirting. But, before you can even start to do that, you spend every night sitting there, staring at your phone, hovering over that “send” button, waiting to send off that cute little message you spent days crafting… only to exit the app and stay up late wondering when’s the best time to slide into their DMs. 

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Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. And, here at Girlfriend, we’ve not only listed all the different times to DM and what they really mean, but have done the research, gathered all the data and reached out to the very best experts of dating and making the first move: Bumble.

Not sure when to DM slide? We’ve got you covered. (Credit: Getty)

But before we speak to our DM correspondents, what are the different times to DM slide?

According to Vogue, there are a couple of different approaches to the classic DM slide. First, there’s the “AM DM” slide (8-11am). Here you can send through that anxiety-inducing first message just before work or class and rely on the AM time slot to grant implausible deniability of your intentions.

The AM DM slide is the friendliest, chillest and perhaps least threatening approach, but also runs the risk of ruining your chance at being, well, flirty. 

Then we have the “happy hour” gang, people who slide into direct messages after work and between 6-8pm. This is great for those who find responding to Instagram messages an ideal way to unwind after work, but people may also not have as much energy here to chat as they would in the morning. 

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And then, of course, we have the cursed late night slide. The late night slide is perhaps the most infamous and well-known of DM slides. Set in between 8pm-3am, it’s where our unashamed true desires emerge.

Late night sliders are infamous for sending things and not getting a response until the next morning, forced to confront their own late night thoughts and courageous response to push that button and send their well prepared message while the recipient isn’t awake. 

Most of us have probably done the late night slide before but we recommend against it if you want to create a more genuine connection. Sending a message in the middle of the night can be cute and spontaneous but it also doesn’t guarantee the other person is going to read it or be available to respond to it.

Plus, it’ll leave you checking your phone all night till they respond. 

Find you someone that makes you smile as much as Austin made Sam. (Credit: A Cinderella Story | Warner Bros.)

So, when’s the right time to slide into someone’s DMs?

So, with that in mind, when is the right time to make the first move? When are people more active and willing to respond to your olive branch gesture of friendship or flirtation? 

Well, according to Lucille McCart, Associate Director at APAC PR + Comms at Bumble, on Bumble, there isn’t specifically a “bad time” to send your first message and start a conversation, but the best time to reach out to that cute boy, gal or non-binary pal is before they start their big week.

“We often get asked if there’s a good time to get on Bumble to maximise matches,” McCart tells Girlfriend. “While there isn’t a bad time to get on Bumble, we know you want to make the most of your time.”

“The most active day for Australian users is Sunday, and peak time period is 8pm-11pm.”

You heard it here first, folks. Ready those “hey, what’s up” messages in your Notes app and fire them off next Sunday. Godspeed and good luck. We salute you.

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