How To Get Over That Guy In Just 30 Days

What you wanna know about getting over him!

Now’s the time to own being Miss Independent. He doesn’t like you and that’s fine, turn it around and be the one to power through getting over him, so you can get on with your life with these handy hints.

Day 1. Stay in your PJs, cry your face off and watch your favourite movies. Let the grief begin.

Day 2. Mums know best, so if yours wants to cuddle, don’t push her away. Then when you’re comfortable, chat to her. 

Day 3. Start your own recovery journal and write out everything you want or wanted to say. 

Day 4. Realise that this is it, after he hasn’t called you and everything and cry some more. 

Day 5. Don’t forget to eat! Starving yourself does nothing but makes you sick and him not even know. 

Day 6. Get off the couch and go for a run; being active makes you feel good. 

Day 7. Call in your BFF for hangs and a chat. 

Day 8. Step away form the phone. Don’t call him, text, don’t even look at your phone. Nothing good can come. 

Day 9. Have a shower and call the friends you neglected while you were pining over that guy. 

Day 10. Pamper yourself, get a massage and a fake tan. 

Day 11. Ask friends in similar situations how they got through it to help you along. 

Day 12. Say “hi”, just casually, letting him know it’s OK to be OK with each other. 

Day 13. If your feels kick up again, have a cry, but this will be the last one. 

Day 14. Feel empowered by someone who truly deserves you that is waiting in the future. 

Day 15. Time for an anger management activity to let go of all that built-up rage!

Day 16. Clean out your life and smother the walls with pics of Zac Efron. he’s cute af and will distract you. 

Day 17. Improving your grades sounds boring, but it will boost your confidence and make you feel really accomplished. 

Day 18. Reward your hard work with a relaxed, but fun, girly night out with great mates. 

Day 19. Him not liking you isn’t your fault, so get those thoughts outta your head! 

Day 20. Get some friends over and have an amazing cleaning gossip session you’ve been dying for. 

Day 21. You’re cool and calm; time to be strong when you see him coz you can cry at home. The tears are struggling to flow now, which means it’s nearly over. 

Day 22. We all love something about ourselves, so list yours – and be honest. 

Day 23. Do something nice for someone who’s been really supportive of you in your time of need. 

Day 24. Stop secretly stalking him social media and delete your history!

Day 25. Time to own being Ms. Independent and realise you just don’t need him! 

Day 26. A change is as good as a holiday, so get a haircut and treat yourself to some new clothes. 

Day 27. Going back and forth with your phone isn’t going to give you closure. Delete his number already. 

Day 28. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. Time to go fishing.

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