15 Kinda Gross *But Relatable* Things All Girls Do

Why does no one talk about this?
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OK so there has been this kind of unspoken agreement, particularly between women, that some topics are off limits. Taboo. Keep it to yourself.

Well, you know what they say, rules are made to be broken.

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As women, we’re often told to “act like ladies”. In other words… don’t be gross. But look, sometimes, we can be a little gross. Take that, Patriarchy.

And, we get it, while some people may be open books when it comes to “gross” stuff, others may prefer to keep things private. That’s totally fair. What you choose to disclose about your personal life is your own prerogative. 

Buuuut, if you’ve stumbled across this list while seeking reassurance that what you’re going through is a universal experience, then we’ve got you girl.

Here are 15… kinda gross… things that most girls do. 

That is so fetch! (Credit: Mean Girls via Netflix)

1. We don’t change our bras often enough

Washing a bra is the WORST. Not only can it get all tangled and lumpy in the washing machine, but when you find that perfectly comfortable bra, you won’t want to let go of it. Not even to wash.

2. Period poops

This one doesn’t even need an explanation.

3. Dry shampoo overload

Our relationship with dry shampoo is the most committed relationship we’ve ever been in.


4. Reusing old razors

We should be changing our razors pretty regularly, but not only can they be exxy… you always feel like you can get just one more use out of them. Even if they’re slightly rusted.

5. Making a wall mural with stray hairs in the shower

And then stress about how much hair has actually fallen out of your head.

6. And then, clogging the drains with all that hair

What follows is something similar to a scene from The Ring.


7. Peeing in the shower

Everyone does it.

8. Sniffing our armpits to check for B.O.

How else will we know? Sidenote: Why can’t the hair on our head grow as fast and strong as our underarm hair?

9. Picking outfits around the hairiness of your legs

It may be hot outside, but we’d rather suffer in jeans than get into the shower and shave those bad boys. Granted, you don’t need to have shaven legs to rock some shorts or a skirt.


10. Picking your nose

Hopefully when nobody is looking.

11. Investigating your discharge

It happens. It’s natural.

12. Pulling a long hair out of a *very* interesting place in your body



13. Scratching your boobs to death when you finally take off your bra


14. Using expired makeup products

Sephora is expensive.

15. Peeling your nail polish off instead of using polish remover

There is something very satisfying about this.

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