Our Favourite Instagram Accounts To Follow To Diversify Your Feed

11 informative and entertaining people who are using social media for good.

Throughout the pandemic, I’ve been using my phone a lot morewhich means more hours logged on social media (more specifically, Instagram). I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but I do get some peace of mind from knowing that I’m consuming content from a whole range of people. Seeing photos and videos from creators that are a different age, gender, sexuality, to me, with cultural backgrounds unlike my own, really encourages me to continue educating myself. This is especially relevant in the current climate and when it comes to things like the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement.

We already know entertainment that branches beyond our own backyard can encourage empathy and social change (not to mention giving marginalised people a chance to be seen!), so it makes sense for us to extend this same thinking to social media. Why not change up your following list and find more people that can teach you something new?

Read on to check out some of my all-time favourite accounts on Instagram, and why I love themyou’ll notice they’re run by all different types of people. Say hello to diverse storytelling!

1. Bretman (Da Baddest) Rock @bretmanrock

If you need a laugh, Bretman has you covered. His account features an impressive range of content, from his iconic coconut water of the day recommendations to his flawless makeup looks, and some majorly fashionable OOTDs. Bretman keeps it real in everything he does, whether it’s joking around with his siblings, or singing to his plants. His upbeat personality will add some fun to your feed.

2. Jonah’s Hands @jonahhands

Jonah is possibly the most wholesome account in my following list. At just 12 years old, he’s a self-taught crochet king (his speed is seriously impressivego check him out!), who has written two books on the craft. His account, which is managed by his mum, is full of his latest projects and crochet tips. Jonah’s message is “crochet brings everyone closer together”how cute is that?!

3. Greta Thunberg @gretathunberg

Needless to say, Greta is amazingand so is her Instagram. She uses her platform to continue to fight for climate action, with a mix of informative, political, and personal posts. We all know how important it is to save the planet but, at only 17-years old, this Swedish activist can teach us all a new thing or two.

4. Ryley Isaac @ryleyisaac

Ryley is a glam queen, who isn’t afraid to show off her natural hair, facial birthmark, and unfiltered beauty. She uses her platform to combat self-esteem issues, encouraging her followers to remember that “we are all beautiful in our own unique way” and not to “let anyone tell you different, ever”. Not to mention her amazing makeup skills, which inspire me to get more creative in my own beauty habits.

5. Humza Deas @humzadeas

If you saw Social Animals on Netflix, you might already be familiar with Humza. He’s an urban photographer, who goes to impressive lengths to capture his cityscape shots. The 23-year-old has an eye for this photography niche, making his work both stunning and unique. Humza is the perfect example of chasing your passion and reminds me to keep practising creativity. Check out his account to see New York City through a whole new lens.

6. Accidentally Vegan Australia @accidentallyveganaustralia

This Instagram user points out products from Australian supermarkets that we may not realise are vegan. I’m not a vegan myself, but the more accounts like this that I follow, the more achievable the switch seems! I always tell myself I’m too busy/broke to maintain this kind of lifestyle, but this account reminds me that I’m already consuming a lot of vegan snacks, and that animal products don’t have to be part of our diet.

7. Grandpa Chan & Grandma Marina @drawings_for_my_grandchildren

This account was created by a 78-year-old Korean couple, who write and draw the stories of their lives. As the name suggests, they set up the account to share their creations with their four grandchildren. Always smiling and the apotome of wholesomeness, grandma and grandpa have even jumped on the TikTok dancing bandwagonsee it all on their Instagram account (and TikTok too if you’re interested!).

8. Kiera Please @kieraplease

Kiera is a cosplayer whose skills never fail to impress me. She’s done everything from Alice In Wonderland, to Kim Possible, KISS, and even Shrekand her non-cosplay outfits are also super trendy! Kiera’s Instagram Reels, of her transitioning between different costumes to funky music, are my favourite. Unapologetically herself, Kiera is a happy-go-lucky ball of energy who is guaranteed to light up your feed.

9. Oumi Janta @oumi_janta

This beauty is the perfect example of dancing your troubles awaybut, even more impressively, she does it all on roller-skates. Let Oumi Janta captivate your attention with her unique choreography and funky song choices. She might even inspire you to pick up a new hobby (or at least get back to one you’ve forgotten about)!

10. Shannon Downey @badasscrossstitch

We love a crafty queen who encourages social change! Shannon Downey, the face behind @badasscrossstitch, creates insightful embroidery with powerful messages. Her unique creations speak out on voting, internalised misogyny, black lives matter, and many more important issues. She’s unafraid to ruffle feathers, using any language necessary (hence the explicit name).

11. Lizzo @lizzobeeating

Lizzo has captured hearts across the world since rising to fame, but her music isn’t the only reason! Her Instagram is a mix of plus size appreciation, unfiltered fun and dance, and pure bad-assery. There’s plenty of funny photos, videos and stories that show how truly down-to-earth Lizzo really isdid you know she even led a (much-needed) livestream meditation during lockdown? Her combination of empowerment and humour makes Lizzo a must-follow in my eyes.

And there you have it, a short list of some of my favourite Instagrammers. This platform gives us a unique ability to consume content from a whole range of different types of people, so let’s make the most of it. I hope this list brightens and diversifies your Instagram feedI truly believe these warm personalities can help encourage change in all of us. Do you have any recommendations that aren’t listed? Slide into the DMs and let us know.

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