Camila Morrone’s Exact Diet and Exercise Routine

And the one diet she won't be trying any time soon.

Camila Morrone isn’t here for the keto diet. But that doesn’t mean the Buenos Aires born-actress, a self-professed fan of carbs, doesn’t work hard to maintain her svelte physique.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say that the 23-year-old follows one of the most balanced exercise and diet routines we’ve ever seen, and if old holiday photos of her strolling along a beach in Corsica with boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio are anything to go by, it seems to be working for her.


Here, we take a look at exactly what Morrone does to stay fit, her go-to indulgences and how she makes mental health a priority.

Camila Morrone


While Morrone likes to dabble in various forms of exercise, including boxing, Pilates is one of her mainstays.

“I box three to four times a week. I try to mix it up and do whatever I can,” she said in an interview.

“I do a lot of Pilates on the reformer. I tried SLT [Strengthen Lengthen Tone] here [in New York] and I go to Carries Pilates [Plus] in Los Angeles.”

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Camila Morrone

EXERCISE: Yoga and Pilates

In addition to a combination of Pilates and boxing, Morrone also likes to do yoga as a way to unwind both body and mind.

“I love yoga, [but] I just do it as a stretching in between and to get some peace of mind,” she said.

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Camila Morrone


When she’s not in the gym or Pilates studio, Morrone cites hiking as her favourite outdoor workout.

“I just got into hiking in L.A. because it’s such an L.A. thing to do. Then I realised why everyone loves it so much. I’ve been doing Runyon Canyon because it’s the easiest one and I’m lazy and you get a great view not very long into the hike,” she told W Magazine.

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Camila Morrone


Another core element of Morrone’s workout regime? Walking, and lots of it, especially when she’s staying in New York.

“I walk everywhere. I don’t have a car. I just try to take care of myself. My phone tells me how much I walk during the day—the health app,” she said.

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Camila Morrone

DIET: Fresh fruits and vegetables

A self-confessed foodie, Morrone’s staple diet includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables but she’s definitely not cutting out carbs or trying keto any time soon.

“I’m a total foodie. That’s why I work out, to balance it off. And in New York I’ve been cooking more, with vegetables and fruit and salad,” she said in an interview.

Post-exercise, the model stated that she likes to “praise myself with carbs, whether it’s a pasta, pizza or a sandwich.”

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Camila Morrone

DIET: The occasional indulgence

A big fan of a balanced diet, Morrone’s preferred indulgences include “pasta”, “cheese pizza”, “Vesuvio cookies” and “cactus tacos”.

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Camila Morrone

WELLNESS: Travel and minimising social media

Besides travelling and taking some time off from her schedule, Morrone prioritises her mental health by taking short breaks from social media.

“I think it’s so important to protect and nourish your mental health on social media. I have girlfriends who have a large following on social media and they have spoken outwardly about how it affects them, their happiness and mental health,” she told W Magazine.

“So I just try to protect myself by avoiding reading negative comments and avoiding reading articles about me, because one thing can just throw off your whole day. I don’t like to expose and open myself up to other people’s hate and insecurities and mean messages. I don’t want to live like that.”

As for how she does it? Morrone said that she developed a habit of deleting Instagram for a couple of days at a time to allow herself a break.

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