Would you eat a chocolate burger?

Fact: chocolate and meat do not go together so why does this exist?

Okay folks, let’s talk. There’s been some pretty gross and wild food fusions over the years but nothing can quite compete with Burger King Taiwan’s latest entry: a chocolate… burger. 

That’s right, according to Kotaku, the fast food burger franchise originally rolled out a chocolate Whopper in 2018 as an April Fool’s Day prank. And now, since apparently anything can happen this year, it’s officially becoming part of the menu.

But what exactly is… a chocolate Whopper?

So, the OG “chocolate Whopper” was more dessert than main course meal: a chocolate cake bun, a chocolate patty, raspberry sauce, white chocolate rings and candied oranges. But, the new item is a legitimate meat-based burger, blending a traditional Whopper burger—with, y’know meat, tomato, pickles, etc—with a generous slathering of chocolate source.

And, would you actually eat it?

The common consensus seems to be: no. But, not because it’s chocolate fused with meat (two flavours that we at Girlfriend don’t think should ever be mixed) but because Hershey’s chocolate allegedly “takes like dry vomit.”

“Hershey’s ‘chocolate’ is vile and tastes like vomit, so while I might try a different chocolate burger, I’d never ever eat anything with Hersheys in it,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Hershey’s chocolate smells like dry vomit so I think I’ll pass on this one,” added another.

Allegedly, however, the actual burger is not bad? According to Kotaku, “the bittersweet notes in the chocolate help pull out the meat’s umami,” and the burger seems to also have a peanut sauce.

Apparently, when the limited burger went on sale for one day only on the 1st of September, there was a 100 metre line. A total of 506 burgs were bought. 

Thankfully, there’s no news of a chocolate burger in Australia but, according to FoodBeast, Japanese fast food chain Lotteria has had a honey mustard and chocolate one on the menu since 2014. 

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