Booty workouts & icecream: Barbara Palvin’s honest approach to her health

This model knows that listening to her body is the only way to feel truly healthy.
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To be frank, Barbara Palvin keeps it real.

While there’s absolutely no denying the Hungarian model is thoroughly genetically blessed in the looks department (which is totally not what everything is about, might we add), she is not shy to admit that she doesn’t just ‘wake up like this’.

WATCH: Barbara Palvin’s Morning Routine.

She has lasted a long time in the industry that usually only offers short careers, but at 27-years-old, Babs has been dominating the modelling scene for almost 14 years.

So it’s unsurprising that Barbara takes her health very seriously – her job is literally to look the model part, which is at times a sad reality of unrealistic and unhealthily achieved body shapes. 

But Barbara has been more honest than most about her relationship with her body – and to be honest, it’s actually quite refreshing. 

And a quick disclaimer: The modelling industry is fundamentally flawed, and while there have been some movement in requiring models to be of a healthy weight before being cast, as well as body diversity, it remains toxic industry which pits looks above all. 

So let us tell you – looks are not what everything is about. 

And to reiterate that, Barbara Palvin herself has put it in her own words.  

Barbara and her beau Dylan Sprouse. (Instagram)

Barbara, who dates former Disney star Dylan Sprouse, famously felt body image pressure within the industry, especially after her body changed shape (as it is meant to) through puberty, and she no longer fit within the high fashion measurement requirements.

For a while, took a step back from the industry until she found her second act after she was named Sports Illustrated’s 2016 Rookie of the year, and thus revived her career within the commercial modelling scene.

Soon after, she landed a gig as a Victoria’s Secret Angel (which has now, rightfully so, come to an end due to its shocking lack of diversity and unrealistic and unhealthy body expectations).

Barbara has been pretty candid about the relationship she has with her body.

In 2018, she took to Instagram to share a message about becoming comfortable in her skin with her fans.

“It took me a while to understand what people meant by “listen to your body” – it’s not always easy feeling good in our own skin and it takes time, trust me I’m still learning. Over the past year I’ve discovered so much about my body, how it can change and evolve. One thing is for sure – only you know what’s best for you,” she wrote.

Like any model, Barbara has her health plan down-pat, and refreshingly she knows that balance is critical.

Find out everything there is to know about Barbara’s healthy approach to her health.

Barbara is keeping fit during Covid by going on hikes. (Credit: Instagram)

Barbara’s workout routine

So because she is a model, there are many reasons why Barbara chooses a more intense workout routine than the average person needs to lead a healthy life.

But unlike some models, Babs is super candid about her workouts and why she has to edit her routine for her body. Basically, she doesn’t claim she woke up with a full-on six-pack or that she just has a super-high metabolism.

“Even before I became an Angel, I started to get a routine into my life, working out every day or four times a week and eating in a certain way that works for my body. I’m just doing that,” Barbara told Us Weekly in 2019.

Barbara’s gym of choice is the famous-friendly Dogpound gym in Los Angeles and New York, which boasts a lucrative clientele that includes fellow models Jasmine Tookes, Josephine Skriver, Karlie Kloss, Romee Strijd.

 “I train at Dogpound,” said Barbara, “They have special things — all the straps, weights.”

She also told Us that in her home country Hungary she has a personal trainer.

You won’t be catching Barbara in your gym class anytime soon, and obviously not just because she lives thousands of kilometres away in New York but also because she HATES group classes (same girl, same).

She told Us that she is “too shy for that,” and we love that she felt comfortable enough to admit that.

Barbara taking her beloved pup for a walk. (Credit: Instagram)

And when Barbara works out, she likes to work on her booty, which has become the de rigueur of model workouts.

This is her booty popping routine:

“You have the ball, you put one leg on it and one behind you. So you bend down straight and put your leg back straight, stand up and then go down,” she explains.

“You do that eight times, both legs, and actually if you do it before a shoot, for example, it really lifts your butt,” said Barbara.

A Harper’s Bazaar story revealed that Barbara likes to get workout tips from her fellow VS Angels Jasmine Tooks and Josephine Skriver from their workout Instagram account Joja.

All of their workouts can be found on their Instagram, where you too can get some achievable tips that you can try out with your BFF.

But Barbara admits that she doesn’t compare herself to the girls and listens to her body to gauge if a workout will work for her or not.

Listen to Babs! What works for one person may not for another.

“Josephine (Skriver) and Jasmine (Tookes) are making videos of a lot of different workouts and I just try those and see if it works for me or not. Working out is such a huge part of my job, and they are testing it all on their bodies which is good for me, I don’t need to test it, I just see what works for them and try it myself!” she told Harpers.

And refreshingly, although she aims to go to the gym seven times a week, she won’t force herself if she feels too tired.

“Today I didn’t work out because I’m exhausted, [especially] if I’m not getting ready [for an event] three times is enough,” said Barbara.

Barbara and other VS models. (Credit: Instagram)

Barbara’s approach to nutrition

We luuuurve a model that is honest about what she eats, and Barbara publicly acknowledges that while she is tries to eat healthy, she is not afraid to indulge.

She told Us Magazine, “I do the 80/20 thing. Eighty percent of the week I do chicken with vegetables, fish, or granola in the morning or oatmeal and then I’ll do 20 per cent of cheating,” she says.

That 20 per cent look like “having a drink with friends or having a burger.

“I always need that,” she explained. 

She also cutely told Harper’s that the one Hungarian beauty ritual she cannot live without in her diet is milk.

“It’s a Hungarian beauty ritual. My great grandma would tell me to drink a glass of milk every day to help for beautiful skin and I’ve been doing that every day since I was a little girl. Just dairy whole milk,” she said.

Barbara backstage at the since cancelled VS fashion show. (Credit: Instagram)

Barbara told Hollywood Life that she enjoys cooking and what she likes to make for her three daily means.


“For breakfast I usually have overnight oats.”


“For lunch I’ll make a baked chicken with some steamed broccoli, or cauliflower, or a sweet potato puree. I always make sure I have meat  and vegetables or fish and vegetables.”


“For dinner, I always just have something light or I’ll have a jar of ice cream – it depends.”

Barbara is the realness that the modelling industry needs, and we like how she doesn’t do anything too extreme.

The most important thing to take from Barbara’s approach to health is: Listen. To. Your. Body!  

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