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To help manifest your deepest intentions.
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A sense of spiritual reconnect is making waves on social media and for perhaps the first time in history, astrology, manifesting, and crystals have become mainstream.

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It is almost unsurprising that these typically fringe activities have gone viral on TikTok and Instagram because they tie in with the cultures recent embrace of psychology.

Tarot cards are another spiritually inspired movement that is becoming increasingly common, and more living rooms are hosting readings between friends and families.

The cards are usually quite opulent and beautiful as they feature century-old iconography that includes ancient symbols and allegories.

However, these intriguing objects are meant to allow you to manifest your desires, and while this can seem unsettling and nonsensical, there is something to it – well, if you’re open.

Their rise into the zeitgeist has been slow, but in 2019 their popularity began to skyrocket.

Data consumer behaviour platform Spate revealed that searches for ‘tarot cards’ in the US rose from 31.9 per cent to 78.4 per cent – and it’s fair to assume this percentage has increased since the pandemic.

Tarot cards are a great way to reflect. (Credit: Getty)

What are tarot cards?

There are two forms of tarot cards. One is the Major Arcana Cards, which reflect spiritual and karmic lessons.

The other is called Minor Arcana Cards, which feature 16 personality characteristics that one can choose from.

Where do tarot cards come from?

According to Collectors Weekly, a form of tarot can be traced back to the 14th century, and it potentially came from a game called Mamluk, which came to Western Europe from Turkey.

Then in the 1500s, a game emerged through the Italian ruling class called Tarocchi Appropriati, which randomly dealt cards that had poetic verses and thematic connections.

They were yet to be used for spiritual means, but instead, they were considered a fancy version of bridge.

“A spiritual private investigator.” (Credit: Getty)

How do tarot cards work?

Tarot cards aren’t about fortune-telling. Instead, they want you to connect with your inner psyche and intuition.

It’s a great way to set your intentions to manifest through activity rather than asserting your intentions into the void through orating your goals.

The most common technique is to cut the deck into a few piles, spread them on a surface, and then shuffle them randomly.

Stop shuffling once you intuitively feel it’s right, and then slide the cards out and through your gut, choose three cards that speak to you.

The first card you pull out will represent your past, the second card is your present, and the last one pulled represents your future.

The pack of tarot cards will come with a handy book to help you interpret the cards and their possible meaning.

Do tarot cards work?

As mentioned, tarot cards are guided by your spirit and energy. Therefore they allow us to get in touch with our inner world without judgement.

In an interview with Vogue Paris, energy healer and founder of Project Aina, Giselle La Pompe-Moore explained that the cards are “a spiritual private investigator,” which gives us unique opportunities to understand ourselves and our situation better.

It isn’t to be assumed the cards are physic but rather a helpful tool that can help you dive deeper into your feelings.

Where can you find tarot cards?


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