15 Hysterical Sibling Horror Stories That’ll Make You Cringe Like Never Before!

Whether you were too young to understand or old enough to know better, we’ve all got a super embarrassing/hilarious sibling moment we would rather forget/love re-telling over and over! So we put it out to you guys and we’ve rounded up the best stories that brought ALL the lulz…

1. Tia B.

“I had just got in from school and my 8 yr old brother was in the shower crying and my mum walked in and said ‘what’s wrong’ and he replied ‘nothing, go get Tia.’ So I walked in and he told me if he showed me I wasn’t allowed to laugh. He moved his hand from his forehead and had used my shaver to shave off his eyebrows! I peed myself laughing.”

2. Megan B.

“My brother once tried to sell me on eBay for 0.40c”

3. Isla M.

“Christmas Eve and me, my brother and family friends were staying together at a house for the holidays. The others all ganged up on me after a lil argument and they all slept in a massive bed together and wouldn’t let me. I felt so left out but karma got them when one of my friends vomited… in my brother’s mouth! I never let them live it down.”

4. Natalea S.

“When I was about 10 and my sister 7 we used to live close to the shops. We would always find trolleys, take turns wrapping ourselves in a quilt and pretend we were babies in prams and the other would push. One day I was in the trolley and my sister accidentally pushed me onto the street… as she was trying to push me back up to the house, a large truck came speeding down our street so she panicked and ran away, leaving me tightly wrapped in a quilt in the middle of the road in a trolley! Last time we played that game.”

5. Amy P. 

“When we were living in London when we were younger, our parents took us down to the park, and I accidentally cut the end of my sister’s finger off my slamming it in gate.”

6. Vanessa G.

“I was about 6 months old and my brother was 9. Our mum had wrapped me up in a green blanket and put me on a green bean bag to have a nap. My brother didn’t notice I was there and he sat down to play Nintendo and ended up sitting on me. He scooped me up at once and ran to mum in tears because he thought he’d killed me! I on the other hand cried for about a minute and then went back to sleep.”

7. Christina P.

“We once walked for 4 hours trying to find an old abandoned asylum in the middle of summer! Plot twist – we never found it!!”

8. Amber S.

“It was my first day of year five and my little brother yelled from the car window to my crush and said that I wished I was his gf! He turned to me and laughed…”

9. Anna V.

“My brother punched me when I was sick and I vomited on him. #shame”

10. Alex J.

“My sister once threw our cat down a hallway. I got very mad and said to her ‘that’s not nice, how would you like it if you were thrown down the hallway?’ She shrugged her shoulders and went to turn away. Just before she did I grabbed her by her collar and belt buckle and swiftly recreated the same.”

11. Alice T.

“We used to live backing onto a nature reserve where geese ran rife. The youngest of my brothers and his friends used to play teasing the geese, trying to goad them into a chase. Well one day a whole flock had enough and suddenly gave chase. The boys barely had time to run away. My brother got so badly bitten on his butt he still has quite a scar and is still pretty terrified of geese today… he’s 31 now lol!”

12. Maddie R.

“One time me and my brother were in the grocery store and he likes to crack jokes all the time. They’re normally not even funny but I had to pee so bad and he cracked some really stupid joke and then I peed myself… but it gets worse. As my mum was crying of laughter/embarrassment, she went to get help while I ran to the bathroom and she called a guy to come clean it up. I walk out and BOOM… there was my school crush who saw me pee myself! Yup worst day of my life and I blame it on my brother.”

13. Lauren D. 

“The time my friend got off her bus with her brothers and sisters! One of her sisters opened the underneath bag storage of the bus to get her bags out and my friend’s youngest brother climbed in!! Not knowing what had happened, the sister shut the door on the storage section and the bus drove away!! They all went chasing it begging the bus driver to stop!!”

14. Olivia R.

“I thought someone was using my toothbrush for a few days, but I thought I was just being paranoid so ignored it. Finally, I had had enough and marched in and asked my sister why my toothbrush was wet. She said that it was her toothbrush and we got into a massive fight about whose toothbrush it really was. We had been sharing a toothbrush for a week!”

15. Denhem C.

“My brother was taking too long to get down the cubby house stairs so I told him to move and pushed him… it split his chin open! I was 7 and he was 4. Luckily he still loves me… he’s 12 now and I’m 15 and I would have to say I’m really lucky to have such a tight bond with him like I do now.”
Thanks everyone for getting involved! Keep an eye out for more chances to share your stories with us and you might see your name in our next article! 

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