12 Things People Who Have Been Dumped Know

Being broken up with SUCKS. All the feels!

We have been there girl and we know how horrible it is when your bae says ‘Bye Felicia!’.

The good news is we’re totally here for you with these super relatable stages of being dumped.  

1. First you’re like ‘Sorry what?

2. And then you’re like ‘Why?’ and they tell you, but you’re still like ‘Sorry what?!’

3. Then you’re SAD. All the feels.

4. You start wondering if you get a say in this at all? Nope? Oh OK.

5. Then there are some tears. Because you have feelings damnit!

6. Luckily, you have some good friends who will wipe those tears away.

7. Then you see they’re with someone new.

8. And you maybe channel a little bit of Tay in ‘Blank Space’.

9. And you’re NOT going to look at pictures of them together. Today. OK, for the next hour.

10. You swear you’ll never even THINK about them again!

11. Then one day you don’t mind so much. In fact, maybe not at all!

12. But you can’t have any regrets because:

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