4. When you accidentally add a snap to your story that was meant ONLY for your bestie.

5. When you have to do 60 takes of you miming song lyrics perfectly coz Dubsmash doesn’t share to Snapchat.

6. When you send a snap of 5SOS playing your jam live… without the sound.

7. When you ask your friends to be hilarious on video, but they think you’re taking a picture and stand there like…

8. When you take an on point selfie, leave it on your story and 24 hours later your crush STILL hasn’t seen it.

9. When you’re two letters short of being able to fit what you want in the text bar. 

10. When you get your friend to film you doing a trick you’ve done a MILLION times before, but as soon as the camera is out…

11. When there isn’t a cool geo-tag for your location.

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