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Battle of the bras: How to fix these common bra struggles

You don't have to hate your bra!
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Just about everyone has owned a bra they hate, whether it’s too tight, the straps always fall down or it just won’t sit right.

Well, you don’t have to live with uncomfortable bras anymore.

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Most of the bra-related problems people run into can be traced back to wearing the wrong size.

In fact, about 8 in ten Aussie women are currently in the wrong size bra!

When it comes to finding your perfect fit, the best bet is to head to a store like Bras N Things or Bonds and get fitted.

You don’t even have to take your top off because most good fitters can measure you over your clothes.

As for these every-day bra battles, we’ve figured out how you can tackle at home.

Addison Rae’s band is starting to creep up her back – it should be sitting in a straight line parallel to the ground. (Credit: Instagram)

Problem 1: Bra band rising up your back

This is not the bra being dodge, it’s just the wrong size. When it’s fitted correctly, your bra band should sit straight across your back and parallel to the floor. If it’s rising up, you’re either wearing a band size that’s too big or the band has stretched from wear and needs replacing. Over time, your bra will lose its elasticity so time to toss it!

Solution: If this is you, we suggest you try going down one band size and going one cup size bigger. For example, if you’re a 12B you would opt for a 10C – this is your sister size, meaning the cup is technically the same size, but the band is tighter. The band should fit snugly around your back on the loosest hook, so when your bra stretches you can continue to tighten it.

Problem 2: Bra straps digging in

It seems like loosening your straps is the obvious fix, but straps digging in may also be a sign your band is too big. Most of the support in your bra should be coming from the band, and when it’s too loose you end up relying on your straps to do all the lifting. That can cause some serious digging and discomfort. 

Solution: Try the same smaller band, bigger cup method mentioned above. If the bra is just old and loose, toss it and buy a new one that will support you better.

Gigi’s straps are the perfect example of not too loose, not too tight. (Credit: Instagram)

Problem 3: Bra straps slipping down

Tighten them straps! Like the back band, bra straps also lose their elasticity over time and wear, so try giving them a tighten. If this still isn’t cutting it, you may have narrow or sloped shoulders, so bra straps are more prone to falling down your arm.

Solution: Switch to a style with the straps sitting closer together in the back, like a racer-back or convertible style that can be crossed over in the back. These are designed for additional support and prevent your straps from slipping down.

Problem 4: Spilling over bra cups or ‘double boob’

If your boobs keep threatening to spill out, or you’re getting the dreaded ‘double boob’ effect, it could be one of two causes. One, you’re wearing a cup size that is too small for you, or two, the style of your bra is too low-coverage.

Okay, this is technically a bustier but Kylie IS starting to spill over the top a bit. (Credit: Instagram)

Solution: To tell if the problem is with the bra size or style, look at where it fits under your arm. If the bra is holding all of your breast tissue in and the wire finishes under your armpit, the fit is pretty good and you can just try a more full-coverage style. If you’re spilling out everywhere, try going up a cup size while keeping your band size the same. If you’re not sure, get fitted!

Problem 5: Back bulging under your bra band

First of all – everyone has this. It’s totally normal to have a bulge or ‘roll’ under your bra band, because it’s meant to fit snugly to your body and that means creating a bit of a bulge. If it feels uncomfortable or like your band is too tight, that could be a problem, and if you’re not a fan of the look there are ways around it.

Solution: Wider bra bands help reduce the appearance of the ‘bra bulge’, as do styles made with soft fabrics and seamless trims. The bulge can also be caused or exacerbated by wearing a bra that’s too small, so try going up a band size if it’s not fitting correctly.

Problem 6: Your bra is chafing or causing irritation

You should not feel this kind of discomfort from your bra. Most bra chafing occurs when your breasts are rubbing together or against your rib cage, the band is rubbing against your skin, or the materials are causing a reaction.

Olivia Rodrigo’s bikini is the perfect example of a bra style that can prevent chafing and rubbing. (Credit: Instagram)

Solution: Try a bra that allows for breast separation (cleavage not touching) and breast lift (away from your rib cage). Style with underwire should sit snugly in the spot where the bottom of your breast hits your rib, so if it’s not sitting there or it’s moving around, you may need a different size.

If it’s the material causing a reaction, try opting for light and natural fabrics, like cotton or bamboo. Lace can cause irritation, and some people have silicon allergies, so avoid bras with those materials.

Problem 7: Nipples showing through your bra 

Some fabrics are pretty see-through, particularly thin-lined bras or bralettes which means yeah, your nipples are going to show. Freeing the nipple has been a huge trend, and even Kendall Jenner rocks the look, but if you’re wanting to keep them covered there’s an easy fix.

Kendall Jenner has been known to #FreeTheNipple. (Credit: Getty)

Solution: Buy a bra with thicker fabric or padding to avoid feeling exposed. If you don’t want to part with your favourite sheer or lace bra, you can also buy reusable nipple covers to keep the girls hidden.

Problem 8: Boob sweat

Boob sweat sucks. It’s caused by the same thing all other sweat is caused by – heat and moisture, so it’s time to get a lighter style.

Solution: Opt for a lightweight, breathable fabric to absorb the perspiration, like a cotton bra or sheer lace that lets your skin breathe. If sweating still seems to be an issue, choose a fabric made with moisture-wicking technology.

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