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Why don’t I have armpit hair?

Our bodies change alot during puberty... So how do you know what's normal and what's not? DOLLY gets you clued up.
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Dear DOLLY Dr,

I am a size 10B in bras and I have quite a lot of pubic hair, but I have absolutely no hair underneath my armpits! I know I should be happy not needing to shave/wax my armpits, but I’m concerned because I don’t know if this happens to other girls. Is this normal?

Chloe, via email

Underarm hair usually grows quite late in puberty – around or just after the time of your first period.

The amount of hair you get also depends on your genetics and how “hairy” you are in general.

The fact that your breasts and pubic hair have grown quite a bit means that you are probably in about the middle of puberty, so don’t panic, those hairy armpits will turn up sooner or later!

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