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8 ways to handle your BF’s parents when they don’t like you

Getting approval can be scary.

Getting approval from your BF’s mom and dad is important for any relationship, especially if you see a future. However meeting them doesn’t always go to plan and they might end up getting the wrong impression of you. The worst part? Parents usually have an input into his relationships, even if you don’t want it. So how can you improve the relationship with your bae’s parents? We have a few tips.

1. Dress appropriately

Dressing respectfully is the best way to make a positive entrance. Mums and dads do not want to see too much of you and they will remember if they do. If you’re meeting them casually then jeans and a cute top is an easy way to go. If you’re going to out, wear a cute dress that doesn’t show off to much skin.

Remember you need to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing!

2. Chill on the PDA

You wouldn’t like to watch your friends showing off serious smooches so imagine how his parents would feel. Whilst you should show that you’re affection towards their son, you need to avoid being over the top. Keep the smooches to yourself and touching to a minimum. He’ll appreciate the effort you’re making and how you aren’t making him feel kinda awkward.

3. Let them do the talking

Once you’ve said hello, follow their cues and let them start talking. This way you won’t be coming across over-friendly or controlling. Sit back and learn about their family. When you feel settled, start joining in the conversation. Feel free to ask them questions. They will enjoy you taking an active interest in them. Keep it simple, let the conversation flow naturally and not seem rehearsed!

4. Be polite but don’t over do it

Simple manners will never hurt but being over-polite might. Don’t compliment for the purpose of flattering, if you don’t mean it don’t say it. But if the cooking is good or the decor is nice, then don’t be shy. Parents, especially, will be able to see through false praise. The last thing you want to do is come off fake.

5. Don’t be late

If you’ve set a time to see his parents, stick to it! Be prepared and don’t be late. If you can, take a small gift for them even if it’s just a box of chocolates. They will appreciate the thought!

6. Don’t overstay your welcome

Whilst usually it is your bae who invites you over, it is still their parents house and you are the guest. If you feel it is getting late and you see their parents getting uncomfortable, maybe it is time to leave. Remember to thank them for having you and be courteous as you leave. Avoid having an intense make out sesh with your BF to say goodbye.

7. Don’t disrespect family rules

Your S/O’s parents make the rules. You should follow and respect them. If they don’t agree with them, keep it to yourself. You’ll make your relationship with their parents worse if you try to push the boundaries. Once they’re comfortable with you, they may relax but best to avoid seeming rebellious.

8. Be yourself!

Sometimes nerves and thinking his parents don’t like you can get in the way of your true personality. Whilst they may be intimidating you shouldn’t change who you are to please his parents. Sharing some details of your life and interests is important but don’t overshare. Avoid talking about anything inappropriate or that could be taken offensively. Try keep the conversation light so you can be relaxed!

Bottom line is the reason your BF parents will most likely see those amazing qualities he does if you let them! Just take a deep breath, smile and enjoy the time you spend with his fam!

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