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Let’s Talk About Nips! The 8 Different Types Each Of Us Have

Which one are you?
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Serious question: Why don’t people talk about nipples more? 

We’re constantly talking about our hair, our clothes, our fave TV shows… But our nipples are also a unique thing that makes us, us! 

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Okay so they might not be the biggest thing on our minds right now, but you can’t deny nipples are super interesting and also a very important part of the male and female anatomy, scientifically speaking. 

That’s why upon our discovery that there are eight (yes, eight!) different types of nipples we could potentially have, we immediately wanted to whip off our tops to have a look and see which style ours best represented. 

Quick side note, there are also NINE different types of boobs – Dolly Doctor has more for us on that here.

But back to nipples! What type do you have? Keep scrolling to find out… 

1. Protruding

Protruding nipples are those that are raised a few millimetres above the surface of the areola (the areola being the small, circular dark area around the nipple) and point outwards. When cold, protruding nipples can become hard and even more pronounced. Yeah, we’ve all had frips okay?

2. Puffy

Puffy nips are where the entire areola and nipple area blend together to create a mound on top of the breast.

3. Flat

If your nips are flat and blend into the areola they are considered flat nips.

4. Inverted

Sometimes, and it’s totally normal, the nipples retract inwards.

5. Unilateral inverted

If one nip is raised, and the other is inverted, you have – unilateral inverted – nipples. If this has always been the case, it’s perfectly normal. If you’ve noticed your nips have recently done this, it might be a sign that something’s wrong. So book an appointment with your doc, just to double check.

6. Bumpy

It’s totally common to have bumps on the areola surrounding the nipple. Every girl has glands around their nips, but some are just bumpier than others. Also, side note, although they look like pimples, never try to squeeze or pop them – it’s not going to be pretty!

7. Hairy

Okay, its super common to have dark, stray hairs growing out of the areola area. Whether they are fine or coarse, it’s safe to give them a pluck with some tweezers or even a wax if you’re on the hairier side. (No judgement here).

Or of course you can even keep the hairs if you want – your bod, your rules! 

8. Supernumerary

Some people, cough Harry Styles cough have an extra, teeny, tiny nipple often referred to as a third nipple. They either look like flat moles or have a fully-formed, raised bump.

So, go and have a look and see which kind of nipple you have – praise be to nips big, small, inverted and beyond… 

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