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Real Talk: Snail Trails Are Normal For Girls Too

Hair there everywhere.
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Contrary to popular belief, snail trails are not exclusive to boys alone. 

Girls are also privy to the humble line of hair that reaches your naval to your crotch, and the best part is that it’s just another thing that makes us all gloriously normal. 

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One reader came to Dolly Doctor to seek some advice about her snail trail. 

“I have hairs on my stomach, mainly going in a line from my belly button down however, there is some above my belly button,” she explained. 

“I’m very self-conscious about it and am often embarrassed to wear bikinis and stuff around friends. It isn’t very dark, however it is visible to me.” 

Her question for Dolly Doctor was simple: Should we shave it off? 

Never fear! Snail trails make us human. (Getty)

Well, Dolly Doctor explains the hair line between your belly button and the top of your pubes is actually very natural and becomes thicker and a bit darker during puberty.

Though visible hair above the belly button in girls is less common.

Of course, shaving would only remove hair for a few days and it will grow back quickly. Waxing also only temporarily removes the hair.

So, either way is not a permanent solution.

Waxing won’t necessarily get rid of a snail trail for good. (Getty)

Girls with visible hair above the belly button, on the chest or very noticeable facial hair could be experiencing a hormone imbalance, so maybe you could ask your mum or another family member what they know about that.

That could be a way to have her suggest a doctor’s visit if you feel you can’t talk to her directly.

Other symptoms of a hormone imbalance include severe acne and very irregular periods.

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