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How normal is my hair down there?

Are your pubic hairs causing itchiness or agitation? DOLLY Doctor reveals what might be the cause…

My vaginal hairs have been really agitating me lately. When I last checked, my hairs were actually inside my vagina. So I was wondering if that is normal? Is there a way of stopping the itching or should I shave or wax them?


Hair is a normal part of most of the skin covering our bodies. In the pubic area, it is thicker and tends to be wavy or curly.

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Pubic hair grows on the outer lips (labia majora) of the vagina, which can extend all the way down near the opening of the vagina and anus.

Inside the vagina, the ‘skin’ is darker, pinkish and looks or feels like it has small ridges in it. This type of ‘skin’ or lining does NOT have hair. However, long pubic hairs from the labia could look as though they are reaching into the vagina.

Pubic hair should not be itchy, nor should the vagina or labia. If you remove your pubic hair by shaving, waxing or creams, you could get an itch from a rash or when the hairs grow back.

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If you have an itch in the genital area and do NOT shave or wax your pubic hair, then get it checked for another cause.

If you do remove your pubic hairs and are finding irritation, stop for a while or just trim the bikini line. If you’re still concerned, get it checked by a doctor.

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