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Dolly Doctor: How To Make A New Friend Into Your Soul Sister

Your guide to turning that fresh friendship into a forever one.
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Sometimes, you just get someone. 

You know the feeling – you meet a potential new pal, be it at school, at a friends gathering, or out and about. 

Suddenly, it becomes clear you’re both into the same things, you talk  about the same things and basically, you just click.

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Your guide to turning that fresh friendship into a forever one.

There’s nothing quite like that excited feeling you get when you’re meshing with a best pal. So in the early days, we got to thinking of the ways our friendships can grow and thrive. 

Of course, Dolly Doctor had some insights to share – keep scrolling for the full low-down!

Clueless got best friendship right.

Ask them the big Qs

What do you want to do in the next 10 years? By asking about everything from their career ambitions to dreams of where to live in the future, finding aspects of your hopes and dreams that you can bond over will only bring you closer. Hey, your shared daydreams of moving to Paris together after uni might not actually happen – but that doesn’t mean they’ll be wasted hours of chit chat. Plus, imagine if it happens!

Hit the kitchen

Anyone can go out for lunch, but real friends stay in and make the most out of each other’s company. Think of a tasty cuisine that takes a little time to master, like sushi, and allocate lots of time to cook up a storm before you’re both starving. Hanging in the kitchen – making a little easily cleaned mess – is the perfect spot for getting to know each other, without awkwardly sitting on opposite sides of a tiny table in a silent cafe.

Get lost

Now, we’re not saying try and find your way across the country, but exploring somewhere new is the perfect way to get memory-making with your new pal. There might be a national park nearby you haven’t yet explored or a side of the beach you haven’t hung out at before. Either way, take those feet of yours somewhere a little unfamiliar and see what happens – our bet is you’ll have an afternoon worth reminiscing about in a few years’ time.

Stay in touch

Just because you might not see her until school on Monday or the weekend after next, doesn’t mean you can’t keep each other up-to-date with what’s going on, even if it’s ridic. If you’re both iPhone users, apps like Snapchat and Voxer are cute ways to send quick pics or voice messages to friends, while saving an exxy phone call or back-and-forth text convo.

We want a Booksmart kinda friendship, pls.

Do something just the two of you

It’s never cool to ditch your group, but you’re definitely allowed to schedule some hang time minus everyone else. Doing something in a pair, like seeing a movie together or going on a shopping date for two, is perfect for creating a super-tight bond.

Make them…

Your phone background, your profile picture or a DIY gift. When a best-friendship is just beginning, small things like this are the non-lame way of showing someone you’re into them. That cute pic of you two on Instagram, print them out a copy. Your mum made a killer caramel slice on the weekend? Bring an extra treat to school for them. Remember, it’s the little things.

Share a secret

Whether it’s your crush or just something really embarrassing you did before you knew them, sharing your deepest and darkest is the best way to bring two people closer. By proving that you trust her, they’re way more inclined to feel the same way about you.

Ask them for help

They might be a total textile genius or just really on the ball when it comes to knowing new tracks worth listening to. When you ask someone for advice, it lets them know you think something about them is pretty great – and who wouldn’t want to feel like that?

Show them off

By this, we mean introduce her! Your mum, dad, work buddy and even your little bro all need to meet her – maybe not all at once, but eventually. A best friend can become part of the family and vice versa, so invite them over and introduce her to your nearest and dearest. They’ll appreciate it and do the same for you.

Share a joke

As annoying as it is hanging around a pair of BFFs who basically only communicate via personal jokes, it’s a vital – not to mention, fun – part of having an equally as hilarious best friend. But, always make sure you’re not leaving anyone out on purpose – the last thing you want is for your new friend to become your only friend.

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