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Dolly Doctor: Convo Starters To Get A-Chattin’ To Your Crush

Freeze up when you’re around your crush at get-togethers? Dolly Doctor has your covered.
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Do you struggle to know what to say when you talk to a cute guy or gal at a party? Or wish you knew how approach that Harry Styles look-a-like but don’t have the confidence?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. 

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It’s natural to feel a little jittery when you see or converse with your crush.

Our body’s natural reaction to any kind of situation outside of our comfort zone is often to fight or flight. And when running in the opposite direction as soon as your crush lays eyes on you isn’t really an option, pushing through and facing the unknown can be oh-so-rewarding

To help us a little along the way, we enlisted the help of Dolly Doctor to give us a few simple tips. 

DW, we’ve got your back.

How do you approach the person? Approaching your crush can sometimes feel like one of the scariest things you have to face (apart from the dentist or watching a scary movie with all the lights off).

So we spoke to relationship expert, Isiah McKimmie about how to strike up a convo with that cutie you’ve got your eye on. Isiah’s advice? It’s all about the eyes.

“It’s always great to make eye contact first. If you notice them looking at you back, then take it as a sign that they’re interested. Start with easy conversation like, ‘Hey, how’s your night going?’ Sounds easy enough, right?

What do you talk about? When you’re staring into the eyes of someone who you SWEAR could pass for Felix Mallard’s twin, it’s only natural to feel nervous. The key is to start simple. “Ask them how their night is going or how they know the person whose party it is,” suggests Isiah.

“Find out if they’re at school or working and ask questions about that. Do they like their job? What are they studying? Have they got any plans for the summer holidays?”

Once you have a few conversation starters ready, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable knowing you won’t get stuck in an awkward conversation. After you ask them a couple of questions, the banter between you should flow naturally.

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How do you know if your crush is interested in you? This one can be a toughie, but there should be some sort of clear sign that they are keen. Isiah says that if they’re taking the time to speak to you, that’s their way of showing they want to get to know you even more.

“If they’re still talking to you it’s a sign that they’re interested. If they make eye contact with you or touches you as you’re talking, that’s a sign that they’re definitely interested,” explained Isiah.

Eye contact is a sure fire sign things are a-go.

How do I tell my crush I want to see them again? So you’ve got a pretty good feeling about this person and you want to see them again.

What comes next? “Give them your number so they could call you, it will show them that you’re interested but leaves the ball in their court,” explains Isiah.

“You could say something like, ‘Hey, I’d love to hangout again sometime, if you’re interested, here’s my number.”

And fingers crossed, your phone will be buzzing in no time!

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