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Dolly Doctor: The Best Hack To Beat Those First Date Jitters

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Oh. My. You’ve just been asked out by that major babe who sits across from you in Biology. But two days out from your date with said hottie, all the feels (and silent squeals) have subsided, replaced by a whole-body nervous sweat.

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But hang tight here team, the important thing to remember here is that scoring a hangout session with the person you like is EXCITING and shouldn’t be stressful.

And first and foremost, this is about YOU. You’re epic! You’re amazing. That’s why someone wanted to ask you out in the first place. Remember that when you’re toddling your way to the date. 

And for a few extra tips and tricks, we enlisted Dolly Doctor to give us the low-down the first-date prep you can do that’ll ensure you have an ~amazing~ time. 


Can’t sleep? Check. Start shaking at the very thought of hanging out alone with this person? Uh-huh.

Don’t worry, this is all completely normal. Yep, according to counsellor and psychotherapist Shushann Movsessian, a little bit of nervousness is actually a good thing.

“Nerves can be a sign that you’re excited,” she explains. “And excitement can help you channel the energy of first-date jitters into something you’re really looking forward to as a positive experience.”

So, how do you beat those butterflies?

Before you head out, have a long bath or shower. Shushann suggests using lavender or rose oils as they hold amazing calming powers.

Next, allow yourself enough time to get ready, so you don’t feel rushed or flustered.


Jittery nerves are one thing, but confidence can be a lot trickier to get your head around.

As psychotherapist Andrea Szasz says, being brave is often linked with feeling afraid at the same time.

“We can get very caught up in overthinking facial expressions, gestures or someone’s tone of voice,” she says. “Keep your attention to the moment at hand and stay positive.”

Then, focus on what this killer confidence can look like from the outside.

“Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities,” Andrea explains.

“Wear comfortable clothes and accessories for your date; it’s hard to show this confidence when you’re uncomfortable!”

However, if your nerves do start to overwhelm you when you’re chilling with your crush, Andrea’s got a quick fix to get you back on the right track.

“Head to the bathroom and shake your body,’ she says. “This will get rid of extra energy that comes with nervousness.”


While it was all fireworks to begin with, you might now be mid-date and the sparks have sorta fizzled.

To stop this from happening in the first place, Shushaan suggests coming up with some questions you can ask your date if the convo starts to run dry before you go on the date.

Andrea agrees, adding, “Ask them genuine questions about things you think that they’re interested in. Usually people have more energy around the things we’re passionate about and that can help move things forward.”

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