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This Is How Often You Should *Actually* Wash Your Hair

Shampoo ain't a sham.
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We’ve all been hair before. 

Excuse the lame pun, but seriously, how often have we woken up with hair that just isn’t living its best lush life, but hoped we could make it last without a wash for just one more day?

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Yep, you’re not alone in wondering how often you should wash your hair.

And guess what? We don’t blame you for wanting to skip your regular wash day every now and then. It can be a right mare doing the maths in your head to figure out the peak time to wash, dry, style and go about your business with fresh tresses.

Maybe it goes a little like this: Say you wash it on a Tuesday, then your hair should last you till Saturday. But your pal Georgia is having her birthday bash on Friday night and your crush may or may not be there, and third day hair day is not it if you want to be feeling your best and most confident. 

But then if you wash it Thursday well that just makes Tuesday’s gruelling wash totally not worth it cos you won’t get three full days out of your hair and you’ve also got that biology assignment due so you can’t be spending weeknights doing your whatever-step hair routine. Ugh! The cycle continues.

We’re exhausted just thinking about it, and that’s why we got to wondering whether there really are any hard and fast rules around washing your hair. Keep scrolling for the 411.

Hair maintenance can be a real time suck.

How often should you wash your hair? 

According to expects, you might not have to wash as often as you think. 

While everyone is different, it’s you yourself that can be the best judge of how often your hair needs to be washed. 

For example, if you have a normal amount of oil and hair thickness, it’s totally fine to go a few days, or as long as you need before you wash it again. 

There’s also a reason why the pros recommend only washing when necessary. While Shampoo gets rid of excess oils, dirt and other product residue, it can also be prone to removing oils that are doing your hair good. 

Washing your hair + singing in the shower is the self care energy we need.

Is it okay to wash my hair once a week? 

The answer here lies with you – if your hair can last the week without needing a wash, then go forth and wash just once! 

Of course, this can change based on your environment. Your hair can also be sensitive to climate changes, whether it’s drier in the winter and oilier in humid or hot weather.

Or if you work out once or twice a week, sweating can make your hair more oily than usual, thus requiring a wash a little more frequently. 

Shampoo by hair type

While all hair reacts differently, there are some general rules you can follow when it comes to shampooing by hair type. 

For thin / fine hair

Thin or fine hair will require more frequent shampooing, perhaps even every second day as the oil build-up tends to happen a lot quicker. 

Thick or curly hair 

Usually, thicker or curly hair doesn’t require as frequent washing, particularly those with curls as it tends to be drier.

As mentioned above, no matter what hair type you have your lifestyle and climate also plays a big part.

So the best routine to follow is simply by assessing your own hair – if it’s greasy, it’s time to wash. If it’s still looking healthy and lush on day five, totally fine to leave it! It’s as simple as that.

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