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DOLLY DOCTOR: You’ll never believe what boys go through during puberty

We always thought we were worse off, but just wait 'til you see what happens to boys!

There’s one thing that every human on the planet can agree on: puberty is a rough time! But the good news is, we’re all in the same boat. Yep, even boys! They may not have to worry about periods, but they do have to go through some pretty difficult stuff too…

They experience genital growth.

During puberty, the penis starts to grow but the age that it happens widely varies from guy to guy. A penis could grow to its full size by age 13 or it could gradually keep developing until the age of 18, leaving the poor guys to wonder how big they’ll be. While this happens, their testicles start to drop and produce sperm.

Their voices break.

Have you ever been speaking to a guy in your class and his voice randomly goes squeaky? Well, this is because their voice is ‘breaking’, and it’s a very normal part of male development. During puberty, their Adam’s apple (the little lump that sits at the front of their throat) grows along with their vocal cords, causing their voice to ‘break’ and eventually become deeper. It’s a gradual process and usually starts between the ages of 12 and 16, and during this period their voice may spontaneously go squeaky. In the later teen years when their voice has finished breaking, they will have a deeper voice.

They get erections at awkward times.

During puberty, it’s super easy for them to become sexually excited and therefore, they have spontaneous erections, sometimes without even touching their penis or thinking sexual thoughts. Unfortunately, there is no way for them to prevent or control their erections and it can be quite embarro for them. Especially if it happens in public. Eek!

They have wet dreams.

Erections don’t only occur during the day, they can also happen at night and sometimes they cause nocturnal emissions, commonly known as “wet dreams”. This happens because their bodies build up excess semen during puberty that needs to be released – resulting in a wet dream. When they wake-up, their PJ’s or sheets will be sticky due to the nocturnal emission and they could either have total recollection of the good feeling from the dream or they could have no memory of it whatsoever.

They have skin issues.

So here’s one that we can relate to – as new hormones develop during puberty, sweat and oil producing glands become clogged, resulting in pimples on their face and body and when the pimples become inflamed, acne occurs.

They grow hair in new places.

And another one that we can relate to, only the hair growth areas are different for boys. Usually starting between the ages of 11 and 13, fine and straight hair begins to grow under their arms, on their legs and arms and around their pubic area, which becomes thicker and curlier as they get older. Most guys also grow facial hair, usually on their chin and upper lip, which carries the tricky burden of shaving.

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