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Dolly Doctor: Yep, There Are Nine Different Types Of Boobs

We sussed which bra is best for each!
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Boobs come in all different shapes and sizes, but if you want to get technical, there are officially nine boobie categories that any given female will fall into. 

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Of course, our boobs can be a super defining feature – one we’re super proud of. 

Whether you’re rocking a flat, curved or asymmetric set, your boobs make you YOU, and that’s worth celebrating.  

Dolly Doctor teamed up with lingerie brand Third Love to identify the nine different shapes of boobs in the world.

And what’s more, there’s a bra style that best suits each category!

So… which ones are yours?

1. Round

Image courtesy of Third Love.

Round boobs are equally as full at the top as they are the bottom.

Best bra styles: Anything really! This shape can pull off any style though you probs don’t really need a padded bra as you’ve basically been blessed with nature’s padding. If you really want to show off the girls, go for a balconette style.

2. East West

Image courtesy of Third Love.

If your nips point in different directions, away from the centre of your chest, and your boobs have a gentle slope then you can pop yourself into this category.

Best bra styles: Go for push-up or T-shirt styles if you want to make your boobs sit closer together for comfort.

3. Side Set

Image courtesy of Third Love.

You know you’re the proud owner of side set boobs if you have wide space between your girlies and your nipples point a little more forward than East West boobs.

Best bra styles: Plunge or balconette styles will help hoick your boobs up and push them closer together.

4. Tear Drop

Image courtesy of Third Love.

The name says it all really. Tear Drop boobies are round but slightly less full at the top. They have a gentle slop which you can see when you stand side on.

Best bra styles: Lucky for you you’ve been blessed with a pair which suits most styles, however the deeper neckline of a plunge bra will lift and disguise the shallow breast tissue at the top of your chest.

5. Slender

Image courtesy of Third Love.

This shape can be a hard one to judge but basically if you have Slender boobs they’ll be slimmer at the top than the bottom, longer than they are wide, your nipples will face downwards and they’ll be small in cup size. You got all that?

Best bra styles: A padded plunge bra will give you a boost in size and a lift. Or leave out the pads if you want to embrace a flatter look. The world’s your oyster!

6. Asymmetric

Image courtesy of Third Love.

A lot of gals have one boob that’s slightly bigger than the other but if you have a boob that’s notably bigger than its buddy (although not so different that you need to get specialty bras made), scroll no more cos this is your shape!

Best bra styles: Anything with removable padding is great – you can take one side out, add more into one side etc, to create the illusion of same-size breasts if you want. Win!

7. Bell Shape

Image courtesy of Third Love.

This shape is often heavy and large in cup size. They’ll also be a lot less breast tissue at the top than the bottom.

Best bra styles: Anything supportive that offers full-coverage so your boobiez feel safe and secure.

8. Relaxed

Image courtesy of Third Love.

Your boobs will have breast tissue but it won’t be firm, causing your nipples to point downward.

Best bra styles: Try a push-up bra as this will hoick your breast tissue up, making your boobs appear fuller and rounder. Or you can opt for a t-shirt bra as this will just enhance your shape without adding an extra cup size.

9. Athletic

Image courtesy of Third Love.

You don’t have to be a gym nut to have Athletic-shaped boobs. You’ll know you have these if your girls are a little wider in shape and feel a little more muscular with only a little bit of breast tissue.

Best bra styles: If you want to enhance things, a push up, plunge or balconette bras should do the trick, otherwise a wireless sports bra is perfy!

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