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10 Handy Tips For A Silky Smooth Shave – If That’s Your Thing

Prep, prime and pamper.
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You might’ve been thinking about it for a while, or maybe you’re embracing your hairy legged self. 

Whatever you’re into, we’ll preface this article to reiterate that you should always feel comfortable with whatever way you’d like your body to look and feel – hairs and all. 

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So, if you do feel like shaving your legs is a goer for you, we decided to go through the most important things to know before doing so. 

And don’t worry, there’s really nothing to worry about once you’ve sussed it all out! 

Before you start, try chatting it out to your mum or a trusted pal first – they will love being involved in the process and can answer any questions or worries you have. 

And if you do decide to go hair-free, here are some of the top tips to think about. 

1. Get warm with water

Stay warm to prevent goose bumps, as any irregularity in the skin surface can complicate shaving So if you do happen to get the chills mid-shave, please just wait it out!

PLUS Never shave without first moistening dry hair with water for a few minutes, as dry hair is difficult to cut and breaks down the fine edge of a razor blade.

2.  Exfoliating is key

While it isn’t a totally necessary step before shaving, if you have the time, removing dead or dry skin does help to get those gorgeous legs so smooth.

Use a gentle loofah or exfoliating scrub in small circular motions and pay particular attention to the areas around the knees and ankles before shaving.

3. Apply a thick shaving gel/cream

Lather a good dollop of shaving gel all over the areas you want to shave or if you don’t have any of that, use body wash or soap.

This helps soften the hair to prevent ingrown hairs and shaving rashes, and also keep track of where you’ve shaved to avoid missing any spots. If you’re in the shower, make sure to stand away from the stream of water so the lather doesn’t wash off. (Guilty! Every. Single. Time.)

4. Use a new razor

NEVER use a rusty looking razor. Okay? You don’t know what germy nasties have been building up on that old thing.

Using a new and sharp razor will ensure a smoooooooth shave and will reduce your chances of nicking your skin. A sharp blade is crucial to getting a close, comfortable, irritation-free shave. Wire-wrapped blades, like Schick Quattro for Women blades, help prevent nicks and cuts.

5. Shave against the direction of the hair in long, even strokes

Sliding the razor against the grain of hair growth will ensure the smoothest possible shave. Start at your ankles and slowly slide the razor toward your knees. Apply light and even pressure, and be careful not to press down hard.

For underarms, lift your arm up while shaving to pull skin tight. Remember to occasionally rinse hair away from the blades to prevent clogging.

6. Take your sweet time

Run a bath and whack on some music, why don’t you!

It’s better to take a few extra minutes to do a good job than rush it while hunched over in the shower, because scabby legs might not be the look you’re after. 

7. Take extra care around your knees and ankles

Always pay just that little bit more attention over bumpy areas like knees and ankles, as these are where you’re more likely to accidentally nick your skin. TIP: When shaving the knees, bend slightly to keep the skin taut and even.

8. Pat don’t rub!

Your skin can be a bit sensitive after shaving, so try not to rub your legs with a towel. Instead, gently pat off any water to avoid irritation.

9. Moisturise

Wait 10-15 minutes before applying a gentle moisturiser. Also, avoid potent/overly scented creams or fake tans straight after shaving, unless you enjoy stinging pain!

10. Embrace your shiny, new, silky-smooth legs

Have fun asking your best friends to feel them. Oh! And try the sliding into clean sheets thing.

Best. Feeling. Ever.

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