Zoella’s freaky new lookalike has been found

Real-life twins?
Getty Images

YouTuber star Zoella (AKA Zoe Sugg) has found her real-life twin… well older sister maybe. The resemblance between Zoella and Great British Bake Off contestant, Candice is so freaky that even her boyfriend is freaking out.

Alfie Deyes, Zoe’s bae, made the connection after watching the popular baking show. Tweeting this comparison to fans has caused a meltdown on Twitter: 

But Alfie wasn’t the only one to notice the doppleganger! Fans of the YouTube star took to Twitter to express their surprise at the similarities between Zoe and Candice…

Is Candice Zoella’s secret big sister? #GBBO

We wonder what Zoella thinks… we reckon this is EXACTLY what she’ll look like when she’s older. And we most certainly wouldn’t be disappointed coz Candice is a baking babe. 

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