You’ll Legit Agree With The Reason Emma Stone Isn’t On Instagram

She makes a good point, though!
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We don’t know whether you’ve noticed or not, but Emma Stone IS NOT ON INSTAGRAM! *heavy breathing!* Jokes on the panicking, but legit, she doesn’t have it. Or Twitter. Or Facebook! Weird, right? But she came clean recently on why she doesn’t and the reason might actually make you think… ‘Oh, yeah!’

She went on a panel a while ago and when they asked her about why she doesn’t have any she replied by saying that she doesn’t think it’s the best idea to share certain parts of her life with strangers. Fair call!

“It’s that need to be liked, that need to be seen, that need to be validated, in a way, through no one that you know,” she said, according to Vanity Fair. “And so people ask the question about fame, or what it feels like, and it seems like everybody knows what that feels like. It seems like everyone’s cultivating their lives on Instagram or on different forms of social media, and what pictures looks best of their day.

“It’s this very modern ‘keeping up with the Joneses,’ she explained. “It’s almost impossible to find someone that’s not, in some way, on the Internet.”

Respect, Emma! We’re gonna stick to our Instagramming ways tho coz it’s amazing and we look saaa pretty! haha but seriously, we’re keeping it 😳 and if you don’t follow us, check us out at @GIRLFRIENDMAG

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