Here Are Some Virtual Date Ideas For Lockdown 2.0

For when you're missing them like cray.
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Olivia Rodrigo was right… we do have déjà vu.. in the worst way possible.

With parts of Australia thrust back into lockdown due to COVID, we’re being reminded of 2020’s self isolation. But, this time, the novelty of puzzles, Zooms and Dalgona coffee has well and truly worn off, particularly for those dealing with a long distance relationship.

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And sure, there is FaceTime and phone chats. But let’s be real, it’s not quite the same as cosying up on the couch, or spending the entire weekend together. The good news is, there are some fun virtual date activities you can try with bae while you’re both in lockdown

Not only can they help keep some of your heartache at bay, but they can also help bring the two of you even closer together! If you’re in a new relationship or are just ‘talking to’ your crush, these can help you get to know them too (who knows, you might even have an official bae by the time this madness ends!).

Time to binge Outer Banks. (Credit: Netflix)

1. Co-watch Netflix together

Netflix and chill might be out of the question RN, but there’s no reason why you can’t still do the Netflix part!

Whether you want to binge the entirety of Outer Banks season two, or rewind with a comfort show like Friends, the Chrome extension ‘Netflix Party’ lets you share the experience.

Basically, it lets you watch the show or movie together at the same time, and you can share your thoughts in the browser via chat. You can even get into an entire series together and make it a little recurring date. Cute.

Friends but make it virtual. (Credit: NBC)

2. Play a game

If you haven’t seen bae’s competitive side yet, are you even a couple!? Luckily, there are loads of games you can play virtually in self-isolation for a little bonding activity. If you both have consoles, multi-player video games like Mario Kart or Streetfighter are always classics.

Just make sure you have a voice headset on or call each other, so that you’re actually chatting to each other throughout! If you don’t have all the gear, Heads Up is a hilarious game you can play via Zoom on your computer or phone. There’s also loads of in-built games in the video chat app House Party.

Picnic like Audrey Hepburn… just through a screen. (Credit: Getty)

3. Have a virtual picnic

Let’s be real — a date isn’t a date without food! So, why not incorporate some yum stuff into your virtual date? You could each jump on Uber Eats and order a surprise dish to the other person’s house at the same time, so that you can virtually eat it together.

On a bit of a budget? No worries! Why not each prepare a little picnic from food you have around the house, roll out the blanket in your backyard or living room and set up your camera for a little virtual picnic. Adorable!

It’ll be a while before we get to see Buckingham Palace in the flesh like Olivia. (Credit: Instagram | @oliviarodrigo)

4. Travel together — virtually

Nothing brings a couple together like experiencing new things together. And while trotting around the globe together ain’t an option at the mo, you can still do it via the wonders of the internet!

With Google’s Arts and Culture Hub, you can feel all cultured AF while you tour over 500 different museums all over the world together, like the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, the National Gallery in London and Musee D’Orsay in Paris.

You can also watch live streams from everywhere from the San Diego zoo to the Northern Lights in Canada and the pristine beaches of the Maldives. Almost as good as the real thing! Almost.

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5. Have a virtual dance party

We know, it’s not quite the same as clubbing… but it’s a close substitute. Create the ultimate hits, throwbacks, or slow jams playlist, FaceTime your beau and get dancing!

Not only is having a boogie a joyous form of exercise, it’s sure to bump up your serotonin levels and bring you and your bae virtually closer. 

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