These Insta Famous Kids Are Being Called The Next Kardashians

We wonder if they like hearing that....
Getty Images

Not many of us remember the days before the Kardashians, but the famous sisters defs started somewhere (not just where Kim did!) and now they’re the name on everyone’s lips. Well get ready for the next-gen… meet the Drenk sisters.

3-year old Isabella and her 2-year old sister Scarlett, hail from Los Angeles and thanks to their mum Stacy have become Instagram sensations with over 32k followers. With all the top looks and not be at all camera shy, the girls are being compared to Kendall and Kylie Jenner!

From matching outfits with their mumma and copying celeb styles, these two little ladies have taken Instagram by storm!

CA-UTE! But can they take on the Kardashian Klan? Also… do they even want to, or are they just having fun on Insta? Probs the latter!

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