Selena Gomez Almost Starred In A ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Spin-Off

Which would have obviously been epic

Did you know it’s been 16 years since Lizzie McGuire first hit our screens?! Whenever a banger of a show hits a milestone, random facts emerge uncovering long-hidden secrets which is how we’ve just learnt that Selena Gomez was almost part of the hit franchise!!!

Selena was actually cast as the lead in a spinoff based on Lizzie’s best friend Miranda Sanchez, called What’s Stevie Thinking. Selena was supposed to play Lizzie’s sister Stevie but sadly, it never happened.

HOWEVER! Thanks to the internet we have footage from Selly’s auditon for the show…

10/10 would have watched this. Is it too late for the Disney Channel to bring it back?

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