Noah Cyrus Just Dropped A Bombshell About Miley And Liam’s Wedding

Wait what?!
Getty Images

ICYMI, Noah Cyrus is following in her big sister’s footsteps and releasing some seriously good music. Naturally while doing interviews about her blossoming career, she’s gonna be asked about Miley Cyrus and her ~mysterious~ relationship with Liam Hemsworth. After getting re-engaged we’ve all been waiting not-so-patiently for a wedding. But Noah has some bad news…

Chatting to Life & Style she dropped a bombshell that not only are they not secretly married but they’re also NOT EVEN PLANNING A WEDDING!!! “There’s not any planning [going on] right now,” Noah said.

How long must we wait?! This shock, and quite frankly disappointing statement, was explained with Noah saying her sister’s wedding will be: “Pretty chill, I’m sure. Miley’s a pretty chill person.” 

Well that’s a small piece of info we guess. However Noah did imply that there’s no pressure for a piece of paper because Liam is already part of the Cyrus clan for good. She says: “I love Liam. He’s been in the family for a really long time, so he’s like a big brother to me.” 

Nawwww how sweet is that?!

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