Miley Cyrus’ ‘Forgotten’ Older Sister Brandi Is Her Actual Twin!

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There’s so many Cyrus’ it’s pretty hard to keep up with them all! Most recently, Miley Cyrus’ little sister Noah came back onto our radar when she dropped her first single but not gonna lie, we had kinda lost track of her older sister Brandi.

WELL. The Cyrus’ just had a big family reunion and Brandi, who once called herself “the forgotten Cyrus child,” is looking more like Miley than ever!

The singer recently met up with Brandi, her brothers Trace and Braison and her parents Tish and Billy Ray on a farm, where she got back to nature (and the animals). Unfortunately, it looks like Noah and brother Christopher couldn’t be there.

Brandi is between Miley and their mum Tish (obvs). Freaky, right?! She’s even ~totally~ nailed Miley’s infamous red carpet face, where she winks and pokes her tongue out!

In case you don’t know much about Brandi, she’s 29-years-old and she’s actually Miley’s half-sister. Brandi and Trace are Tish’s kids from a previous relationship but Billy Ray adopted them when they were kids.

On her socials she describes herself as a fashion influencer, DJ and she even does competitive equestrian!

You might have heard that Brandi and Tish are starring in their own reality TV show this year called Cyrus Vs Cyrus, where they compete against each other in “decorating face-offs” so we can’t wait to check that out!

And apparently music runs through their veins because Brandi plays guitar and was once part of a pop duo Frank + Derol. Oh, and she can act too! You might have spotted her playing a guitarist, customer and ‘hoedown throwdown dancer’ on Hannah Montana.

The’s defs on our radar again and we won’t be ‘forgetting’ her any time soon. We’ll be stalking watching closely for more epic Miley/Brandi twinning moments.

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