Kevin G From Mean Girls Just Revealed A Shocking Secret About Regina George

Did NOT know that.
Paramount Pictures

It’s been twelve years since Mean Girls was released, so we thought we knew EVERYTHING about it, but nope.

Rajiv Surendra who played mathlete and bad-ass MC Kevin G just dropped a bombshell about Regina George’s perfect hair, revealing that it was actually a wig!

In an interview with Seventeen Rajiv said, “Rachel McAdams’ blonde hair is not her hair in the movie.

“They had a wig made out of human hair by a very well-known wig maker from this little town called Stratford, Ontario.​”

Apparently Rachel didn’t want to bleach all of her hair. Fair enough, gurl. 

But here’s the part that blows our mind! Remember that quote “I hear her hair’s insured for $10 000”?

(Credit: Paramount Pictures)

According to Rajiv, that’s how much the wig cost!!! “They actually would wash it and put this little shower cap thing on it that they would hook the blow dryer onto that would dry the wig. It was like a $10,000 wig.​”

Soo we’re guessing it was an inside joke with the whole cast?! Amazing.

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