What The Hell Is Going On With Kanye West And Julia Fox?

We can't keep up with this wild new celeb couple.

Kanye West and Julia Fox are one of the wildest couples to come out of 2022 and we’re literally not even one full month into the year.

The kinda-cool, kinda-cringey duo made headlines when they confirmed they were dating in January after spending New Year’s Eve together.

WATCH: Kanye West and Julia Fox make their red carpet debut.

Some people were only interested because of Kanye’s bombshell split from wife Kim Kardashian in 2021, others came for the drama and stayed for, well… different drama.

You see, not only are Kanye and Julia one of the craziest celebrity rebound couples of the decade – Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, looking at you too – they’re also super full-on.

From bizarre photoshoots in packed restaurants, to Kanye gifting Julia a whole new wardrobe, here’s how the romance has played out so far.

Kanye is under that black mask… at least, we think he is. (Getty)

Who is Julia Fox?

The 31-year-old is an Italian-American actress who rose to fame in the 2019 movie Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler, though she didn’t become a household name until she started dating Kanye.

She was first linked to him 18 months after divorcing her ex-husband, pilot Peter Artemiev, with whom she shares a baby son.

Her son was born six months after their divorce was finalised, Julia claiming on Instagram that her ex allegedly got her pregnant on purpose.

“This man left me with a 5 month old and a dog and a home and ALL THE BILLS. It’s wrong!!! It’s not fair,” she said.

“He 1000 percent intentionally got me pregnant, It’s a blessing. I’m happy about it. I would not change it.”

Alright, now that you know her whole vibe, how did Julia link up with Kanye?

Julia has a baby son from her previous relationship. (Getty)

Getting together on New Year

Kanye was first spotted with actress Julia on New Year’s Eve, when they met at a party in Miami just weeks after Kanye publicly sang about wanting ex Kim back. Okay…

Soon after the pair were papped at dinner in New York and Julia told Interview magazine they had an “instant connection”.

“He had me and my friends laughing, dancing and smiling all night. We decided to keep the energy going and fly back to New York City to see Slave Play,” she said.

Then they headed to Carbone, one of her favourite restaurants, and THAT infamous photoshoot took place.

Julia told the outlet: “At the restaurant, Ye directed an entire photo shoot for me while people dined! The whole restaurant loved it and cheered us on while it was happening.”

Clips later posted to social media from the night showed diners very much not cheering Julia and Kanye on as they awkwardly ate at tables near the famous couple. Yikes.

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It’s totally not a PR stunt

Julia and Kanye never really hid their romance, but once Julia started talking publicly about her new man she couldn’t really stop.

It led some fans to suggest the fling was a publicity stunt in response to Kim K’s connection with Pete Davidson, given she and Kanye only split a year ago.

But when Julia appeared on the Forbidden Fruits podcast in January, she insisted her that wasn’t the case.

“I feel like, to the people who know us both personally … friends in common have texted me like, ‘Oh, my God, this makes so much sense,'” she said of her relationship with Kanye.

“People are like ‘Oh, you’re only in it for the fame, you’re in it for the clout, you’re in it for the money.’ Honey, I’ve dated billionaires my entire adult life, let’s keep it real.”

Then she got kinda spiritual about the whole thing, adding that she and Kanye aren’t labelling the relationship right now.

“I’m just living in the moment and I don’t have any expectations — there’s no labels, none of that,” she said.

“We were all connected, like even prior. You know what I mean? We’re all artists.” Okay bestie…

Critics have also called Kim’s romance with Pete a publicity stunt. (Instagram)

Going public as a couple

Kanye made his first public appearance with Julia on January 22, when they rocked up at Paris Fashion Week in matching denim outfits a la Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in the 2000s.

But don’t get it twisted – the styling was all Kanye’s idea, as he has a huge impact on Julia’s wardrobe now they’re together.

Days after first meeting Kanye, Julia packed up her wardrobe and ditched all her old clothes to “let go of the past”.

Conveniently enough, the rapper gifted her a whole new (and probably insanely expensive) wardrobe on literally their second date.

“Ye had an entire hotel suite full of clothes. It was every girl’s dream come true. It felt like a real Cinderella moment,” she told Interview.

“I don’t know how he did it, or how he got all of it there in time. But I was so surprised. Like, who does things like this on a second date? Or any date!”

What will they do next?? Honestly, we’re kinda scared to find out.

Literally what are these looks. (Getty)

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