It Looks Like Maddie Ziegler Might Have A Boyfriend

Is the 'Dance Moms' star off the market?
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Maddie Ziegler has grown up SO much since her Dance Moms days and now she might have found her first boyfriend!

The dance prodigy recently shared a cute bathroom selfie of her sitting on a mystery boy’s lap and everyone is SHOOK. She captioned the snap, “missing you ❤” and he posted the same photo on his Insta, writing,”Miss my girl ❤.”

Too cute!!!

So who’s the lucky boy? We don’t know much about him yet but his name is Jack Kelly and he’s Aussie! Apparently they met in January when Maddie was on tour Down Under.They actually started posting photos together back then but nobody really knew it was serious until now. 

Long distance relationships obviously aren’t easy but it looks like they’re making it work and every time they reunite it’s so damn adorable! 7 weeks ago, Jack posted their very first bathroom selfie, which he captioned with a purple love heart emoji.

He also shared another sweet shot of him kissing her on the head as they parted ways again. “See you soon 💜” he wrote on Insta.

Maddie hasn’t been shy about sharing how she feels either. She shared the same bathroom pic which she also captioned with a purple love heart emoji, which must be their thing! 

She also posted a pic of her, Jack and another friend at a bowling alley.

How did we not realise what was going on?! Fans are losing their MINDS in the Insta comments and have even dubbed the pair Jaddie.

Of course, until Maddie actually confirms it, we won’t know if they’re an actual couple. They also live on opposite sides of the world, which makes things pretty difficult but they’re SO cute together!

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