Ian Somerhalder Says This Was The Hardest Vampire Diaries Scene He’s Ever Done

Nawww we forgot about this one!
The Vampire Diaries

We don’t talk abut it often coz if we start we can’t stop, but we’re OBSESSED with Damon Salvatore. #TeamDamonForever! The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerholder has recently revealed his toughest scene and it’s bringing up all the feels. Cast your mind back to Episode 14 of Season 2…

Ian wrote about the tough scene on his EW blog: “It’s when Damon is lying in the road, and the girl Jessica pulls up. She gets out of the car looking at this peculiar scene, a man lying in the middle the road drinking out of a flask… He is so distraught, missing being human, but he can tell no one his true feelings unless he compels them and kills them.”

This is it…

He continued, “It was such a cathartic scene for me to shoot. A very close second was the scene at the end of episode 10 of this season when Damon tells his mom that he loves her and that he’s sorry in the battle! Wow, two great scenes…”

It’s extra sad to hear Ian looking back like it’s almost over. Fans are wondering how much longer the show will go on following the news that Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett) is leaving TVD after Season 8.

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