Hailey Baldwin Addresses Rumours That She’s Pregnant With Justin Bieber’s Baby

Is a mini Bieber on the way or nah?

Another day, another celebrity is supposedly pregnant and the latest lucky target is Hailey Baldwin, who is meant to be having ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber‘s baby.

Although the former lovebirds haven’t been connected for AGES now, the model is being dragged into the headlines with Justin once again.

A fan recently tweeted about all the reports claiming that Hails and JB are having a kid together, calling out journalists for their “stupidity” and “lack of research.”

Hailey herself actually ended up seeing the tweet and replied:

A little confused about how this came about? Yeah, we were too. Turns out, “JB” isn’t actually referring to Justin Bieber! The initials belong to a model called Jordan Barret, who Hailey did a photoshoot and interview with for GQ magazine.

The models were asked, “What are you guys up to in 2017?” and their answers were written in the interview using their initials:

HB: “We’re having a child together.”

JB: “[Laughs.] We’re having a baby boy.”

Obviously they were joking but THAT’S where all the confusion came from.

Meanwhile, there’s another reason why Hailey is connected to Justin rn.

JB is currently right here in Australia (YAS!) and he’s been hanging out with a local girl at his villa called Emily Baldwin

But before you freak out, no she isn’t Hailey’s distant Aussie cousin, they just happen to share the same last name.

But that’s not the only coincidence; Emily is also a model and a SUPER babe! She posted this pic around the same time she was being escorted into his Aussie villa…

And referencing her little rendezvous with Biebs, she has “My mama don’t like you” written in her bio.

Only time will tell if they end up together for good…

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