Gabby Petito’s Case Is Being Overrun By Theories, But Here’s What We Know For Sure

Her case is still unsolved.
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Gabby Petito went missing after a cross-country trip with her fiancé Brian Laundrie. Though her body was found, police are still looking for answers.

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She was just 22-years-old, and after Gabby was reported missing by her family, her body was officially found in a Wyoming national park, and it was ruled a homicide.

With the case actively unfolding in real-time, people all over the world have gotten involved, trying to help authorities figure out what happened to Gabby.

Just days after Gabby was reported missing, before her body was found, TikTok videos with the hashtag #gabbypetito were viewed more than 800 million times.

gabby petito
Gabby was reported missing on September 11. Her body was found a week later. (Credit: Instagram)

But is all this attention really helping with the case? It’s unclear at this time as to whether or not any of the internet’s findings have actually helped with the investigation.

Instead, what it has done is brought more awareness, and with that, authorities are hoping anyone with information about what happened will come forward.

It’s also brought out the fact that over 700 people were reported missing in Wyoming over the past nine years, and they were all Indigenous and mostly girls.

But, unlike Gabby, their stories didn’t get the same media attention, and most of their disappearances still remain a mystery.

gabby petito
Gabby was travelling with her fiance Brian before she disappeared. (Credit: Instagram)

With Gabby, the whole world has tried to solve her case, with TikTok users overanalysing every detail, like the hidden meanings in her Instagram captions, looking through her YouTube vlogs, and even what Spotify song she last listened to.

There are wild conspiracy theories coming out almost every day as to what might have happened, but what we do know for sure is limited.

We know that Gabby and Brian were travelling across America in their own little van, and that the most recent post on Gabby’s Instagram was on August 25.

The last time that Gabby spoke to her family was via text, and after they didn’t hear from her for almost two weeks, Gabby’s family reported her missing on September 11.

gabby petito brian laundrie
Brian returned home without Gabby. (Credit: Instagram)

It was around this time that her family discovered that Brian had actually returned home with the van, but without Gabby.

With Brian, who has also been reported missing by his family on September 17, refusing to talk to the police, little is known about what happened to Gabby.

The last time she was officially seen was when officers responded to a domestic disturbance call involving the couple.

The body cam footage from police shows Gabby crying, and she told officers that she was upset because she and Brian had been arguing.

After also speaking with Brian, police separated the two and Brian went to a hotel and Gabby took the van for the night.

gabby petito
Gabby’s death was ruled as a homicide. (Credit: Instagram)

This happened days, if not a week, before Gabby disappeared, and her body was found on September 19 in Grand Teton National Park in Moosey, Wyoming.

According to the authorities, a coroner determined her death was a homicide, but officials didn’t share any details about final autopsy results.

While this entire case has publicly unfolded, what exactly happened to Gabby has not yet been revealed, and while there are so many reports on TikTok and other social media platforms, it’s important not to get lost in the conspiracies.

Instead, we need to let the professionals do their jobs, and if anyone has useful information about the case, they can call the FBI tip line at 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324) or submit an online tip here.

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