Fans Aren’t Gonna Forget Little Mix’s Instagram Fail Any Time Soon

SO awks!

Little Mix is in total promo mode rn for their new perfume WISHMAKER but unfortunately for them they ~seriously~ stuffed up their latest sponsored Insta post and it’s beyond cringey!

It looks like Jade Thirlwall was sent a suggested caption by the girls’ PR team to go along with a cute pic of their perfume ad on a taxi. Only problem is, someone forgot to remove “How’s this copy jade” before posting it:


The caption has obviously since been fixed up but of course it doesn’t take long for things to go viral these days. The post is now full of fans commenting “How’s this copy jade.” Poor Jade!

But as one Mixer pointed out, the girls also have their own accounts to take care of so they’re not always gonna have time and when they do, they always sign their name. And at least we know the girls are approving things before they get posted.

So like, give them a break, geez.

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