Check Out Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens’ Awks Flirt Fest In The ‘High School Musical’ Audition


The whole world celebrated High School Musical’s10th anniversary this week (how the HELL has it been that long?!) and we seriously can’t get enough of all the nostalgia! 

ICYMI, fans completely lost it at Zac Efron for not turning up for the reunion special (we forgive you babes) and he’s since apologised after forget that coz now we’re obsessed with the original HSM audition tapes!

Way back before Troy and Gabriella were a thing and even before Zanessa IRL was a thing, Zac and Vanessa Hudgens met when they tried to win over Disney bosses and the flirt fest is super cringey/adorable!

Check out the other cast members’ auditions or if you can’t wait to see Zanessa’s, skip to the 1:00 mark.

Let’s just talk about them sparks… these two were destined to end up together (even if it wasn’t meant to be forever 😭).

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