This Is The Reason Your Phone Battery Dies So Quickly

And it can be fixed.
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Phone battery dying faster than a Game Of Thrones character at the Red Wedding? Welllll, put down the charger and step away from the USB port coz it turns out it’s totally fixable.
A British reporter for The Guardian has found that the more you connect to social media apps, the quicker your phone runs out of juice. Inspired by a Reddit thread claiming that uninstalling Facebook would make all other apps on your phone run 15% faster, he started looking into how using FB affected his Android. The result? Removing the app from his phone entirely actually gave him 20% more battery per day on average.
Yeahhh we know what you’re thinking: it’s a pretty non-legit/low-key experiment. But let’s be real, the numbers don’t lie. It’s literal proof that Facebook consumes a hella amount of background power, regardless of how much status updating and checking in you actually do. And it’s not just Android users that are feeling the pain of a phone that dies on the reg iPhone folks have reported the issue too.
But good news for FB addicts, it’s not all gloom and doom. There are a few hacks worth trying that might prolong your battery life.
The reporter recommends using Metal, an app that condenses Facebook and Twitter into one, and also suggests logging into using your web browser instead.

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