Bored AF? Here Are 5 Things To Do In Lockdown Other Than Scroll

'Cause there's only so many TikToks a person can watch.
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You’ve walked aimlessly to the fridge and back 10 times, FaceTimed your bestie, painted your nails and watched about 3000 TikToks…

You check the time on your phone and it’s only midday on Tuesday…or is that Monday!? You’re not sure, TBH, you’ve lost track.

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Yep, for some of us, those lockdown feels are real! And as much as having permission to do next-to-nothing sounds like a dream, there’s only so much Netflix you can binge-watch before you start feeling like you could be doing something more meaningful with your time.

The good news is, we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together 5 ways to beat the boredom and keep yourself entertained during self-iso: and maybe even come out a little better on the other side!

1. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are entertaining and can even be super informative. (Credit: Getty)

Podcasts aren’t just those boring things your mum listens to in the car when she’s driving to work.  They’re pretty much the audio version of YouTube — meaning you can listen to them when you’re putting your clothes away, doing your makeup, working out… and not miss anything.

And, there are actually loads of awesome podcasts that are tailored to a younger audience…like, GF’s Beauty Boss podcast! (wink wink, nudge nudge) But there’s also plenty of other great ones on everything from dating advice to body confidence and self-development. You can check out our top suggestions here!

2. Bake up a storm

You’ll be ready for the Great British Bakeoff in no time. (Credit: Instagram | @chelssweets)

FACT: All of the best hobbies involve eating. So, if you’ve ever thought about picking up baking, now is defs the time. Not only is it an awesome activity that you can get totally absorbed in, but you get to eat your delicious creations, too. Plus, your self-isolation partners will be completely obsessed with you for sharing your yummy treats with them.

Whether you’re into vegan or healthy baking, or decadent delights, you can find tutorials for nearly every type of baking on YouTube, Instagram or even TikTok (@chelssweets is one of our faves coz her videos are soooo hypnotizing).

3. Learn something new

It’s time to pick up that ukulele that’s collecting dust in your corner. (Credit: Getty)

Experts say it takes 20 hours to get pretty decent at a new skill. So, if you’ve ever wanted to pick up something new — whether it’s playing an instrument or hand-lettering— now is defs the time to give it a whirl!

Apart from the free education on YouTube, podcasts or TED Talks, learning platforms like Skillshare offer classes on pretty much any subject you could ever think of. Masterclass is another great one, as they bring world-renowned experts into your living room — think Natalie Portman teaching acting, Bobbi Brown teaching makeup, and RuPaul teaching self-expression!

If you’ve ever considered taking a certain dance or workout class but couldn’t fit it in or felt too nervous, now is the time to jump on that, too! Loads of studios have moved their offerings online so you can virtually stream them from the comfort of your home. Who knows, you might just find your new obsession.

4. Declutter

You’ll never lose another lipstick again. (Credit: Instagram @luvostore)

Not only are we all house-bound, but we’re also preparing for the Spring. So, it’s the perfect time to declutter and give yourself a bit of a fresh start. Go through that overflowing wardrobe and see if there’s anything you didn’t wear last season that you could either sell once this madness is over, or donate to charity.

You can do the same with your makeup too, and turn your vanity or beauty collection into something that actually makes you excited to get ready in the morning (even if you’re not going anywhere). It’ll give you a new lease on life!

5. Get arty

Journalling can be a great stress-reliever. (Credit: Instagram | @studyvilla)

There’s a lot of talk about being super productive at the moment, but we say it’s the perfect time to just be creative for the sake of being creative! Check out some DIY craft projects on Pinterest, or on the new video platform Tangi (which is kinda like if Pinterest and TikTok had a baby) you can dive into.

Or, try something like colouring-in or making collages — we love the book Extraordinary Things To Cut Out And Collage for bringing masterpieces to life. You can even make a vision board for what you want out of life once this is all over!

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